With an increasing demand of Eco products in USA, Crayon Blocks responded with a New twist
in beeswax crayons.

Mason, Ohio CrayonBlocks, has done it again! Deven has released his New product a bundle of 3 organic beeswax crayons with FDA approved colors, creating a whole new category of Beeswax crayons. These block crayons come in a playful “box” with a set of 8 vibrant colors that are safe for kids.

“We wanted to do something to save our environment.” said Deven. These little, convenient and vibrant crayons have a social element that is treasured by families and friends.

CrayonBlocks bundle pack are short block shaped crayons which are bundled in a pack of three
available at discount rates. These beeswax crayons can help you in enhancing crafting skills of children who comes under age group of 1-8 years.

About Crayonblocks.:
Located in Mason, Ohio crayonblocks is a family-owned and operated business with its presence in US only. Beeswax crayons offered by them are sold online and in retail location across America. Their product is certified and has received appreciations from Magazines, Parents.

For more information, please visit www.crayonblocks.com.