The alliance seeks to provide corporate financing solutions in the energy and commodities sector.

Daiju Commodity Markets, a Tokyo based commodity broker, committed to providing an exceptional customer experience that will ensure investor trust and confidence, is pleased to announce that together with a top broker dealer and capital solutions provider, have entered into a strategic alliance through which the firms intend to pursue opportunities to provide debt and equity financing solutions for clients in the energy and commodities sector. This strategic alliance mobilizes Daiju Commodity Markets’ deep expertise in the physical commodity markets and demonstrates access to multiple forms of capital.

“Daiju Commodity Markets is a merchant of physical commodities and a financer of upper and mid-stream commodity-producing assets. Daiju Commodity Markets also provides physical supply services and related structured solutions for counterparties. We are pleased to partner with the broker dealer, a firm we know well given our common affiliation and hold in high regard. We believe that there are numerous underserved areas in energy and commodities that we can target by combining our focus with the broker’s structuring and distribution expertise as well as its access to flexible capital. Moreover, we believe that this relationship will allow us to provide a greater level of service to our clients,” said Giichi Sugiyama, Executive Vice President Head of Institutional.

“We are excited by this strategic arrangement. We believe that the firms’ skill sets are highly complementary and will drive increased business activity. The executive team has a longstanding track record. We look forward to working with Daiju Commodity Markets to provide tailored solutions to our clients in this dynamic and capital-intensive sector,” added Tsuneo Tomo, Head of Investments for Daiju Commodity Markets.

About Daiju Commodity Markets
Daiju Commodity Markets is a Tokyo based commodity broker, committed to providing an exceptional customer experience that will ensure investor trust and confidence. First class image, first class quality, and first-class service are the company’s goals while making fair profits for its clients. It is Daiju Commodity Markets’ mission to provide traders with the most comprehensive commodity-trading platform available. The firm will devote itself to the constant evolution of the trading platform by listening to customers and enhancing the product mix to satisfy their requirements. Daiju Commodity Markets looks forward to playing an invaluable role in creating a dynamic process of wealth creation that will benefit and delight clients time and again.