With the expansion of hospitals and increase in medical facilities provided to the patients day by day; it increase the urgent need to record data in such a form so that it can be transferred quickly and easily without much efforts. Manually recording data has been become outdated and is need to be updated soon with electronic mode in the hospitals. There are more uncountable benefits of electronic healthcare medical records over manually medical records.

Our company offers complete application software which works in all aspects of your business while ensuring proper care and facility is provided to the patient. VersaSuite had understand this need and hence developed a highly efficient Electronic Health Medical record system which encounters such problems and provides best solution for the same. This system ensures that all the information is well communicated at the right time and right place without requiring the need of reentering information into different systems.

VersaSuite’s Electronic Medical Record system is considered to be the specialized and systematic method to record patient’s medical healthcare information in a digital format. This system helps in sharing information in a very less time by widely connected networks all over the hospitals and clinics. This eliminates the need to search and go through patient’s formal medical records as all the information is available at a single touch away. It helps in saving both doctor’s and patient’s crucial time which would lost in tracking down earlier medicals records.

Our designed Electronic medical records helps in eliminating errors which can be occurred while recording the data manually. Moreover, it is very difficult to maintain lots if paperwork and to track accurate records at the right time. Moreover, recording data electronically can be useful in surveys and statistical analysis and comparisons. This system helps in tracking medical records and data on mobile phones which is of great use as it adds reminders on the patient’s mobile phones reminding them about their next appointment with their doctors.


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