Staying true to Capthatt’s ethos there is considerable use of sustainable materials such canvas, cotton, denim and jersey within the entire collection.

Bomber jackets and coats emphasize the play on texture and proportion witheye catching emblems and logos. Classic tartan patterns are teamed with blacks
and greys, giving these traditional patterns a more modern look.

Included in the accessories are eco-friendly canvas laptop bags, along sleek messenger bags, for daily wear. Rucksacks and weekend bags come bold new colors, as well as the more conventional tan, khaki and black.

Kingsley Jones, Founder of Capthatt states:
“It’s about taking the best material and creating organic designs thatare wearable yet striking. All of our clothing and accessories are designed
with this focus in mind”

In the latest men’s bracelet designs at Capthatt, an organic almost rustic look permeates, injected with a large dose of modern style.

The newly added satchels for men are crafted with special distressed leather, with hand stitched finishing that deliver pieces that are hard to ignore. Every satchel is meticulously designed to be original, yet relevant and in-style.

Capthatt’s new collection of men’s shoes also gives the modern man a look that can transform from casual to smart. The fit is of high priority with this company, with each shoe being crafted for style and comfort.

At CAPTHATT, there is a focus on wearability and convenience. Every aspect of
their designs, from the material, to the cut and its origins is focused on
giving the modern man the freedom to express his style in a comfortable and
versatile way.

All this makes this year’s accessory collection from this collection one to watch

The collection is available at where the designs are regularly updated to reflect the company’s mission of modern fashion styles with unique creativity, and art.