Copper jewelry is very fashionable these days. Up until a few years ago, the only copper jewelry item known to the masses were copper bracelets. But the selections have multiplied remarkably since. Currently, there is a full range of copper pieces of jewelry for enthusiasts to pick up from, a big part of which is magnetic jewelry. As big as magnetic copper jewelry is at this time, the number of suppliers in the market are only a handful. Those few suppliers that distribute these products in the market are also manufacturers of their goods. One of those names that is huge in the US market currently is Magnetic Hub.

Now in the market for 34 years, Magnetic Hub stands tall among all contemporary and new players of the industry. Part of that it owes to its commitment to quality and eminence. But most of its fame stems from the affectivity of its varied range of pieces of jewelry. Magnetic Hub specializes in healing pieces of jewelry like magnetic therapy bracelets and magnetic hematite stretchable bracelet. The likes of these products are found in its healing jewelry range where there are many more like these.

Healing bracelets from Magnetic Hub are designed and built to offer cure or relief from certain health related conditions or symptoms. Made from pure copper, these range of pieces of jewelry are fashioned precisely by experts and are known to offer relief from various physical ailments. Although results are not instantaneous, wearers have acknowledged the long-term benefits of wearing these pieces of jewelry. The magnetic copper rings, for instance, are a great help to overall health improvement. The hematite bracelets are known to help manage many symptoms. But most of all, these pieces of jewelry help heal the mind and soul which is what they are chiefly purposed to do.

Made of real copper, all Magnetic Hub jewelries have specific benefits that can be associated with some sort of healing. With therapies learned from ancient Indian science, Magnetic Hub infuses those highly effective solutions in its jewelries thereby empowering them to heal and offer relief to the different health-related problems. Magnetic copper bracelets available at Magnetic Hub come in both his and hers versions. In addition to copper pieces of jewelry, their inventory also contains a variety of stainless steel jewelry which too is in fad these days.

All its products can be ordered through its website. Shipping is done within 24 hours of ordering, and confirmed delivery within 7 days of purchase. Magnetic Hub ships its products to buyers all across mainland USA. Its copper jewelry is also available through retailers like Walgreens and CVS. One can also buy Magnetic Hub Jewelries at Smithsonian Museum, travel centers, theme parks and such places where these products are in good demand. The products too can be purchased at it’s headquartered in Torrance, CA. All products at Magnetic Hub are designed by Ms. Pooja Tiwari who is a renowned jewelry designer from the team of Webpulse.