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TANNIE, the founder of Sofyee, told us that after taking inspiration from Japanese Harajukustreet fashion, he created Sofyee with a unique understanding of Japanese aesthetic culture, with the goal of spreading this love to more people.
By using color to express fashion creatively, Sofyee perfectly combines street fashion and art.Sofyeehas taken the aesthetic of art and culture to a new level, which is reflected in every detail of his design. In addition, Sofyee created a series of kwaii pastel cute aesthetic clothing collections through the perfect combination of art and fashion

At the same time, Sofyeejoined hands with many excellent drawing designers, making an implementation of beautiful anime elements and fashion, which turned out to be a personalized label in fashion.Sofyee encourages people to express themselves courageously and to discover their inner passions and preferences.

For Sofyee, Itis not just a simple street style fashion. It is rather a coping mechanism for complex emotions. In today’s world, fashion represents so much more than just the clothes you wear.

It’s about being yourself, accepting yourself and reflecting on yourself through the clothes and accessories you wear. For more visit