BELFAST, Northern Ireland, January 22nd, 2019- New Irish web hosting company Quantum Hosting Support Unlimited is ready to disrupt the Irish web hosting market. Relying on the Amazon Web Service® (AWS®) infrastructure: the company has already deployed a server in the Republic of Ireland, and is ready to sell web hosting services to retail end-customers (individuals and companies). The shared hosting offer is running the industry standard WHM®/cPanel® control panel.

Flexibility and Elasticity are the new features of web hosting in the cloud, since a server can be scaled up (potentially up to 128 CPUs) or down at any time. Thus no more old or legacy hardware are offered – within 2 minutes the entire system can be switched onto on a new hardware.

Speaking of the readiness of Quantum Hosting® to disrupt the Irish web hosting market, the company’s representatives said, “Compared to a traditional web hosting company that requires heavy start-up investments and ongoing maintenance costs: we can shut down or boot up a server at any time, cutting costs instantly and without a data center. The other advantage is the ability to set-up a bespoke server for each customer, offering them the same flexibility and elasticity of AWS® without the required technical knowledge to maintain it.”

Quantum Hosting Support Unlimited’s international expansion can be quick in any of the following countries: USA, Brazil, France, United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, India, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Australia and Singapore.

Other future features of Quantum Hosting® will include deploying servers on other cloud providers like: Google Cloud®, Microsoft® Azure®, and Alibaba Cloud®; including migration between them.

About Quantum Hosting Support Unlimited

Founded in 2018, Quantum Hosting Support Unlimited, a company registered in Northern Ireland, wants to become a cloud connector: a bridge between users and cloud providers.

Quantum Hosting® is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom, with pending registrations in the USA and in Hong Kong, China. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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