Engagedly Launches Unified Employee Talent Insight : These insights will enable holistic performance development and engagement information about an employee that can help you track their talent, monitor their skills, their contribution and level of commitment to their current job.

St. Louis, January 22, 2019 – Engagedly announces the launch of employee Talent Insights, reinforcing the company’s commitment to develop talent and strengthen its workforce.

First of its kind, Talent Insights by Engagedly is a forward-thinking and innovative approach to continuous employee performance and employee engagement including gamification elements. This new module will provide insights into talent, like their performance information and how regular they are at their goal check-ins. It also monitors their engagement, development progress and also enables identification of top performers as well as individuals with key skills and certifications.

The Talent Insights approach empowers employees, managers and HRs to do the following:

Access talent cards that display Employee Profile information and are designed to display strategic talent information about the employee
Access metrics for each employee in a baseball card-like snapshot
Ability to see the freshest and most vital employee information into an actionable and customized scorecard that enables informed decision making across the organization

“Most organizations are continuously seeking new talent to support their growth externally when the talent they need may be right under their nose undiscovered by leadership. The talent insights and discovery will now allow organizations to identify their talent internally and provide opportunities for growth for their employees,” Sri Chellappa, President of Engagedly said “we constantly hear about retention issues from lack of employee growth and recognition, this aims to address that.”

Through a lightweight weekly check-in, Engagedly delivers continuous employee feedback, objective (OKR) tracking, performance management and peer recognition. With the addition of the Talent Insights, Engagedly’s employee management solution aims to focus on employee development and retention.

Press Contact:

William MIller
Engagedly Inc.