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An interior designer from Silver Petal Interiors reveals how important communication and commitment are whilst into a designing business. A good taste, of course, does not need the introduction!

Silver Petal Interiors is a design studio based in California and has its roots from Indian culture, much renowned for its exotic, attractive and complex décor styles. With Indian interior design, you can expect electrifying possibilities and sumptuousness of decorative options. Their designs are enthused by various cultures and communities they have experienced along the way.

“I have always received extraordinary feedback from my customers…I believe communication is the key to our success and being the people-person I am, every one of my customers isn’t just left with a lasting impression in their homes, but in their minds, too!”, says Anusha Kataria, owner of the studio.

With Silver Petal Interiors, one can look ahead to creativity, problem-solving and commitment to the clients. You can find your ideas getting transformed into reality, be it for accessorizing your living room, kitchen or the office. Further, management skills and an eye for detail are as important when you work in this field.

The business aspects of Silver Petal Interiors include elegant designs for commercial and residential projects. Their portfolio includes vintage English luxury look for bedrooms, kids’ bedroom, a fully functional grand kitchen, living rooms of all sizes and simple office spaces with elegant designs. All these qualities of an interior design studio are nothing but worth considering.

The prospective customers in the California and other parts of the USA will certainly have valid outlook of peacefulness for holiday decorations, knowing the Silver Petal Interiors has all the skills a professional interior designer, knowing the importance of time and commitment, decorating trends and can, therefore, divulge into the plans for their homes and workplaces. Visit- for more information.