Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd (VSPL), aka Vindaloo VoIP, has announced to offer top class VoIP solution development services in Asterisk. The spokesperson of the company shared that the company has a team of expert who hold years of experience in Asterisk software development. The company thrives to meet the custom development needs of its customers and benefit the customers with tailored Asterisk solution development.
The company will provide Asterisk software development for any innovative solution as well as it will provide the Asterisk based VoIP development services for commonly used systems. Some of the common solutions which the company will offer as part of its Asterisk software development service are briefed below:
IVR Solution
The representative of the company shared that they will provide custom IVR solution development to its customers on top of Asterisk. The customers of Vindaloo VoIP can get dynamic Interactive Voice Response solution. The Asterisk solution development team of the company has expertise in developing industry specific IVR systems.
IP PBX Solution
As part of Asterisk software development service, Vindaloo VoIP will also offer development of an IP PBX solution. This system is perfect for any business that wants to take benefit of advanced communication and collaboration features at lower communication cost.
Click to call Solution
The Vindaloo VoIP will develop custom click to call solution which can be used by any company for their operations of lead generation, customer care, etc. The click to call solution will have the brand elements of the company which is using the same.
Class 4 softswitch
The company will also offer the development of custom class 4 softswitch solution as per the customer need. The Asterisk solution development team of the company has experience in developing scalable and secure class 4 softswitch solution.
Class 5 softswitch
The spokesperson of the company further shared that the company will cater the custom development need of the retail service providers who are looking for scalable and reliable class 5 softswitch.
Contact center solution
Vindaloo VoIP will also offer custom VoIP development in Asterisk to the call centers. The company will develop a complete contact center solution with custom features to benefit its customers who are looking for a custom and white label contact center software solution.
“We have experienced staff that has been developing complex systems in Asterisk for more than a decade. We have been benefiting our customers with our Asterisk solutions and now we want to benefit clients that are looking for custom solution development in Asterisk. We follow a transparent working model and always deliver on time. Also, we always help our customers with our experience in Asterisk and the VoIP industry. This helps them to achieve more in less investment”, stated the spokesperson Vindaloo VoIP.