A new report published by Future Market Insights titled “Electrical Testing Services Market: India Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2016–2026” presents detailed insights on the market scenario in India, the electrical testing services market is anticipated to hit a market revenue of more than INR 1,000 crore by 2016 end.

According to Future Market Insights, factors positively affecting the growth of the market includes frequent testing of electrical equipment to restrict breakdowns, rapid electrification of the railway lines, improving transmission and distribution network and improving production of steel in the country, demand and growth of electric power requirement in villages. The other factors that are creating robust development in India electrical testing services market, are steady Increase in Steel Production, periodical electrical testing results in long life of the equipment and focus on electrical equipment and personnel safety.

The published report also incorporates and highlights the emerging trends shaping the market, opportunities to further improve the market and macroeconomic factors governing the growth and size of the market from a larger perspective. Improvement in transmission and distribution network of India is one of the primer driver associated with the growth of the market.

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Few restraints are however hampering the growth of the India electrical testing services market. For instance high cost of testing equipment and requirement of qualified personnel, and increase in in-house capabilities are acting as deterrents for electrical testing services market in India.

Segmentation analysis

In India, the protection testing service is expected to exhibit significant growth during the forecast period

Transformer testing service of service type is expected to remain the most attractive market throughout the forecast period due to increasing adoption of outsource services during Site Acceptance Testing (SAT)

By a large margin, transmission and distribution segment on the basis of end user, holds a market share of more than 40% largely overshadowing the second highest market share holder railways.

Railways is expected to gain more than 200 BPS by the end of 2026 and is expected to incline towards high value – high growth during the forecast period due to increasing electrification of the railway network in India

Less frequency of outsourcing electrical testing services coupled with lack of government regulations for testing services in power generation stations is anticipated to affect the growth of electrical testing services market in power generation stations segment by end-user

Market share analysis in India in future

The Western Region of India hold the largest market share in the India electrical testing services market albeit by a small margin from the second highest market share holder, Northern Region. The market is likely to gain traction in the forecast period owing to rising frequency in the number of times an electrical equipment testing is carried out. The breakdown of electrical equipment in particular the equipment used in large infrastructures that are in continuous working mode can severely disrupt the primary operations carried resulting in losses. The India Electrical Testing Services market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of more than 4% in terms of value for the forecast period of 2016-2026. As a service based industry, prompt availability of the services to the end users and value added diagnosis of the electrical equipment are some of the key strategies employed by the market players to ensure healthy growth of the market.

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Vendor Insights

Some of the major participants involved in providing electrical testing services to its clients are Rulka Electricals Pvt. Ltd., Voltech Group, Inel Power System Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Inser Hitech Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Technomark Engineers India Pvt. Ltd., Powertest Asia Pvt. Ltd., JBS Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., and Ultra Electric Company India Pvt. Ltd. Transformer testing services are provided by almost all the major market participants while protection testing, circuit breaker testing and battery testing is divided among the players with very few players providing testing services for all the equipment.