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David Crane
Office No. 1 & 72, Oasis Centre
Sheikh Zayed Road,
Dubai. UAE.

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If public speaking is a part of someone’s professional life, but they are uncomfortable with it or have a fear doing it, it may be time for a change. The New Year brings new things, so making public speaking a New Year resolution might be just what is needed.

Introverts in particular know that when they must speak in front of an audience, all they want to do is to go into hiding. “But, to advance in your profession or take your business to the next level, you may be required to speak in public a few times”, says Dave Crane, public speaker in Dubai.

The primary reason Dave Crane conducts public speaking classes in Dubai is to help people eliminate their fear and focus on delivering an effective speech. “Do not let your shyness overcome what is good about your speech”, says Dave Crane. “The more you allow yourself to speak in public, the more you will come to enjoy yourself and become confident with experience”.

Dave Crane believes that preparation is key. “You want the speech to flow logically, and be filled with vibrant stories. Real life stories make it sound even more effective. You must read and re-read your draft, perfect the wording and practice it loud until you are completely comfortable with it”, he states.

“What does your audience want to hear? Do you want to solve a problem or give them hope? If your audience is there for a reason, you need to learn to capture this in your speech. The more your speech relates to their specific needs, the more invested your audience will be”.

Dave Crane notes, “Public speaking does not come easily for many people. I want to list the common pitfalls that can be avoided in order for presenters to be able to engage with their audience naturally”.

About Dave Crane
Dave Crane has delivered hundreds of presentations and inspired audiences around the world by sharing his powerful approach to life. He is a motivational speaker, business coach, life designer and corporate trainer amongst the many other things. He has trained individuals and teams to communicate an authentic message and enhance their presentation skills to achieve more effective results. Dave has award winning TV shows and over four decades of hosting experience. For more information, visit my website on