Enterprises are nowadays concentrated on more expertise and secure communication channels. The efficient telecommunication technology has made the SMSC Provider able to provide creative messaging solutions in an organized way. The accurate SMSC solutions are making the providers able to make the applications and message services of the customers, error, and bug-free. Increase in the activities of the messages has made it necessary for the enterprises to have a scalable and robust messaging infrastructure.

What is SMSC actually used for?

An SMS Center is a hub for all the messaging activities. The work of the center is to receive all the text messages that are sent from the customers using their mobile networks. Then center then store the messages and then forward them to their destined number. If in case the destined user’s number is not available or the phone is switched off then the center stores the message until the availability of the number and then the message is sent to the number. The center is also designed to track the message and maintain a record of the timestamp of the message. This track helps to ensure message delivery. Well, the lifetime of the stored messages is only 24 hours. If the number’s availability is not hinted in 24 hours, the message gets removed automatically. The service is best used for spam control, personalized mobile advertising, and bulk messaging. It helps the enterprises in increasing the carrier revenue chances and distinguish business functions in the developing SMS marketing concept.

Features of SMSC Service that benefit your business::

1.Low latency:

It helps to deduct the time interval between stimulation and response

2.Rapid Message delivery:

It guarantees the quick delivery of message because of the direct connections to major carriers

3.Error Code-based message delivery:

It provides you the ability to track the error and status of the message delivery

4.Easy Scalability:

It is scalable as the requirements of the operators

5.Value-added services:

There are some providers that are offering value-added services with SMSC such as white lists, black lists, message delivery control, message depository, and parental control

6.SMSC platform:

Some providers separate the concept of A2P (Application to person) and P2P (Person to Person) SMS traffic streams. This helps the enterprises free from adopting the expensive solutions of P2P message delivery resources. Operators are therefore able to handle the delivery of a large volume of A2P and P2P messages smoothly.


It is an application of SMSC that provides the enterprises with a simple plug-in interface which enables the message platform to support the content upload smoothly and swiftly. The load distribution feature allows the smooth delivery of the messages with the multiple interfaces and sessions that are bind together for configuring the applications.

8.SMS Router:

The concept of SMSC router lets the network with the message intelligence. This directly results in the improved management of high output requirements. It optimizes the delivery of the messages and integrates the SMSCs together for managing the load sharing and providing more accurate performance results.

9.Rich SMS suite:

Some SMSC providers offer a rich SMS Suite that enables the enterprises with the features allowing the operators to transubstantiate their text message services, gain the user attraction, and grow the SMS revenues over the network