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Solar power is a standout amongst the most promising renewable power source technologies, as it accounts for free, endless sunlight. As it stands now, the world just gets about 1% of its energy from the solar.However, it is altogether possible that in the following 30 years this rate could soar to as high as 30 to 35%.While it might appear to be implausible, energy experts at the International Energy Agency (IEA) are of the opinion that such a sensational increment isn’t impossible, owing to the current Solar technology advances.

At 30%, 6kw solar system Brisbane or solar power plants, for example, would turn into the world’s most significant energy resource, creating more energy than non-renewable energy sources, wind, or hydroelectric systems, while also decreasing carbon emissions by 6 billion tonnes for each year.

Although the future of solar energy looks quite promising that solar companies in Brisbane and world over are presently facing that are impacting the usefulness of solar energy as the best alternative to conventional energy. Some of the most obvious challenges that solar power in Brisbane or elsewhere is facing are given below.

Challenges in solar Energy Storage
A noteworthy hindrance to solar energy generation comes in the form of storage of solar energy. Solar energy storage is critical to the success of future energy systems in light of the fact that, without it, any abundance power that is produced for the duration of the day can’t be used at a later time when sunlight is not available or is not in plenty.

Energy storage permits 6kw solar system in Brisbane to store abundance energy with the goal that it tends to be sold and utilized at a later time for an assortment of reasons, including load levelling, grid stabilization and emergency backup.

While these Solar battery storage systems appear to be quite productive, there is still much work to be done in cutting down the expenses of these systems as they fundamentally comprise of costly lithium-particle batteries. As expenses go down and effectiveness goes up, we would be able to witness battery storage installations get more popular in the coming time.


In spite of the fact that the cost of solar power has become lesser throughout the years, it’s as yet a costly affair, particularly when you take into consideration that how ineffective they could prove. As indicated by the solar panel experts, most solar panels are 10 to 20 percent efficient. Therefore, at the end of the day, the larger part of energy from the sun’s rays is not utilized by the solar panels.

This issue takes place due to the fact that most solar panels are stationary and can’t move to meet the direct rays of the sun. However, engineers are attempting to expand the productivity of solar panels and in future this may result in enhancing the capability of solar panels.


As solar panel installations started to expand over the globe and, manufacturers quickly rushed to deliver the panels and materials required to generate the sustainable electricity. Even with record growth in the business, majority of the solar companies Brisbane and worldwide caused an oversupply of solar panels.

Due to this, the supply solar panels have risen supply in comparison to the demand and have resulted in shrinking of costs of solar panels. Certainly, the demand for the solar panels first needs to be created, alternative means of storage is to be found and then only manufacture and supply should be dealt with.