The day that put Khushhal in the spotlight with regards to cyber security, was August 31st. The Principal Resident Commissioner IAS Officer from Nagaland House had called the Tuglak Road Police Station in Delhi, to report an instance of cybercrime against him. He said that his email had been hacked and some fraudulent mails were sent while he was away from his system for work. Since the officer for handling an insurgency hit state at that time, the situation was very fragile.

But before the cyber cell run by the Delhi police could solve the case, Khushhal Kaushik helped the IAS officer by hacking into his email account with his permission, ethically. It was discovered that the source of the unethical hacking was in Nigeria and it took only 48 hours to solve the case. Naturally, the Delhi police were surprised by this prompt service and the Senior IPS Officer DCP BK Singh formally appreciated Khushhal’s work. The latter also received appreciative letters from senior IAS on behalf of the Nagaland Government and Mr. Anish Kumar Mishra, the additional district judge at Sardarpur.

He will also be invited for a cyber security talk at the Northwestern University of Chicago.

He already invited by the high commissar of embassy of Peru Delhi- India

He already done meeting with Commissioner &. Counsellor minister. Of Iceland. And Moscow

He already invited by the high commissioner of Sri lanka for cyber security appearance

He was also invited to Mt. Hon’ble Prime minister of Canada. Justin Trudeau, and Mr. Navdeep Bains, Hon’ble Minister for Innovation, Science & Economic Development, Canada and Ruby Sahota Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada.

He was also invited to attend Indian, European business forum event

He also invited to dinner with H.E Nadir Patel high commission of Canada

He is also invited to meet with zori kor former NSA and former cyber security head PM office Israel

He is also invited to the dinner with Dy PM of Uganda on dinner

He is also Awarded by the government of Andhra Pradesh for his global cyber security achievement’s.

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