The infrastructural development in Baroda ranks 2nd in smart cities mission.

“Baroda ranks second among 98 cities for progress in Public Private Partnership projects associated with the Smart Cities Mission of the Union Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs.” (source)

Baroda has seen a major boom in the architectural sector in the last few years. All thanks to the good architectural firms in Baroda who have taken up the task to make Baroda a smart city and are keeping up to the expectations of the government as well as the people.

Thus, it becomes inevitable for commercial firms and residential to choose the right architectural firm for their construction projects.

Shah and Talati, a well-known architectural firm in Vadodara, announces 4 tips that can help anyone to distinguish between a good and a bad architectural firm.

Prepare the blueprints of the project

It is important to be clear about what you want from the project. The design must also be well-planned and discussed with family, business partner, or whosoever is in charge with the building so that there are no confusions later on. You should determine the extent to which you need the involvement of the architect.

You should list out:

things that you like
things that you do not like

and must also priorities, and create an image of your project as this will be helpful for both the parties; the architect as well as you.

Seek out referrals

Once you know your requirements, you should start seeking references from friends and professionals for a suitable architect for the project. Many architectural firms now also offer a detailed bio of architects to narrow down the process and search according to your requirements.

Finding an architect from the personal experiences and recommendations can be an easy way to get someone good.

Browse the website of the firm well

The portfolio of the firm should be checked thoroughly to ensure that it has worked on projects similar to the one being planned. The size, scope, and style of the projects that the firm has earlier worked on should be checked. Their work history should be scanned properly to see the type of designs that they offer, and also if they can offer a variety of looks or not.

The specifications that the project will be needing further on should also be discussed with the firm.

Interview the prospective architects

At least three architectural firms should be viewed every time before finalizing on one. It will allow the investor to do enough comparison of the ideas and the designs that each has to offer. Meeting someone in person is the best way to judge his/her firm.

A good look at the office environment should also be taken. It should be made sure that the office is calm and not chaotic. The work ethics of a place has to be such that it promotes the values like hard work and discipline among the workers.

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