The global sectionalizers market is foreseen to see expansion in the next few years as the need for continuous power supply and electricity transmission increases in the manufacturing industry and residential sector. In comparison with isolators, automatic sectionalizers may gain more preference in the long run. Sectionalizers with automatic recloser are anticipated to gain strong demand in the manufacturing, healthcare, and food and beverage industries. Sectionalizers have considerably developed power distribution systems with the advancement of technology. The manufacturing industry increasing the demand for distribution intelligence could set the tone for valuable growth of the global sectionalizers market.

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Construction Industry Quietly Propels Global Sectionalizers Market

Construction may be a low-key industry for the Global Sectionalizers Market. However, strong adoption of smart electrical distribution system is expected to create decent demand for sectionalizers during the course of the forecast period 2017-2022. The surge in demand for distribution intelligence in a number of cities because of the rising need to integrate continuous power supply could push the growth of the global sectionalizers market. However, there could be a slight drop in the sales of sectionalizers because of the advent of devices that work on batteries as well as rechargeable ones.

High Uptake of Smart Power Distribution Raises Demand in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is anticipated to significantly amplify the demand in the global sectionalizers market. Since a number of medical devices need electricity to operate, automatic sectionalizers and also reclosers could be highly demanded in healthcare facilities. The growing trend of high adoption of smart electrical distribution system in hospitals and clinics is foretold to bode well for the global sectionalizers market. The demand for sectionalizers could spike up at the global level due to the rising need for uninterrupted power supply in the healthcare industry.

Refrigeration and Heating Processes Push Adoption in Food and Beverage

The food and beverage industry is another industry projected to augment the demand for sectionalizers. Food and beverage manufacturers heavily depend on large capacity refrigerators to preserve and store their products. Almost 5% of the total power supplied is consumed by the food and beverage industry. Thus, the demand for sectionalizers could be quite strong in the food and beverage industry. Food and beverage manufacturers need continuous power supply not just for refrigeration but also for heating purpose. Moreover, the manufacturers are expected to provide healthy and safe food and beverages to consumers. All of these factors could promise growth to the global sectionalizers market.

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About the Report

The report offers a detailed account of key dynamics of the global sectionalizers market. It sheds light on different segments of the global sectionalizers market and how they will progress in the near future. Readers are expected to gain complete understanding of the global sectionalizers market.

Market Definition 

Sectionalizers help to automatically isolate faulted sections of electrical distribution systems. These circuit-opening, self-contained devices are used in combination with circuit breakers, reclosers, or other source-side protective devices. Sectionalizers can further improve service on power distribution lines in an economical way. 

Competitive Landscape

Players operating in the global sectionalizers market are foretold to focus on agreements, contracts, and new product launches for gaining a strong foothold in the industry. These strategies could account for a considerable share of all business tactics adopted in the global sectionalizers market. Introduction of technologically sophisticated products is envisaged to help leading companies to cement their position in the global sectionalizers market. Some of the top players of the global sectionalizers market are Schneider Electric, Eaton Corp., and ABB.

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