Raleigh, North Carolina (webnewswire) January 16, 2019 – Kangovou, a bento lunch box company, released a blog explaining the negative effects of BPA on the environment. The company also discussed the benefits of using BPA-free bento lunch boxes and other safe plastics.

BPA mimics estrogen hormones in the body, causing several health issues in animals and marine life. It primarily affects reproductive systems. Fish exposed to BPA have passed on reproductive issues to offspring for as many as three generations, including a reduced rate of fertilization and increased fetal mortality rates, while turtles have produced offspring that will likely be unable to reproduce and ensure the continuation of the species. BPA can also cause kidney, liver, and gallbladder problems in certain animals. In several studies, mice have exhibited sharply changing behavior, increased aggression and anxiety, delayed bone formation, and decreased motor activity in addition to a range of reproductive concerns, such as delayed puberty and decreased fetal weight.

Manufacturers have begun switching to safer plastics, and consumers can support their efforts by purchasing products made of environmentally-friendly materials. These plastics are made from materials that do not affect hormones or present other major health risks. They often biodegrade more quickly and are easier to recycle, which helps limit the amount of landfill space needed. These plastics also use fewer resources during production and can help decrease dependence on oil. Finally, eco-friendly plastic is often cheaper than traditional plastics, saving families money while protecting their food from soaking up harmful BPA and other chemicals.

Consider purchasing a bento lunch box from Kangovou to protect both your family and the environment from BPA and other toxic chemicals. Kangovou’s bento lunch boxes are made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. The containers are divided into compartments, making it easy to store a complete meal in one box without using additional plastic wraps or other storage methods. They are also double insulated to keep food hot or cold without transferring temperatures to the outside and encourage healthy portioning of food. To purchase a bento lunch box from Kangovou and learn more about how you can protect the environment, visit https://www.kangovou.com/. The company is headquartered at 8311 Brier Creek Parkway, Suite 105-99, Raleigh, NC 27617.