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Accurate Franchising Inc. helps owners grow their business through franchising. The company follows a three-phase strategy to ensure the clients are prepared for the business expansion.

[PALM BEACH, 1/18/2019] – Business owners looking to expand their operations can count on Accurate Franchising Inc.’s efficient franchise development solutions. The company’s three-phase franchising plan is a significantly more effective way to prepare clients to become franchise owners than searching for “how do you franchise your business” online.

Determining Franchise Viability

The first phase of the franchise plan is the initial assessment. During this period, Accurate Franchising Inc. helps clients determine the viability of their business for franchising. The company guides business owners through examining their franchise and weighing the advantages and disadvantages of franchising.

Some criteria that determine franchise feasibility are:

• Easily replicated

• Can be placed in a variety of locations

• Attracts both customers and potential franchisees

• Profitable for the franchisor or brand owner

Developing the Franchise Infrastructure

Phase two deals with developing the infrastructure necessary for a smooth transition from a single enterprise to a franchise. Clients follow the guidance of Accurate Franchising Inc. to create a plan, which must include:

• Developing a new business plan

• Designing corporate imagery

• Improving corporate branding

• Safeguarding intellectual property rights

• Creating training and support programs, operations manuals, and other materials

• Making financial projections

• Securing franchise lawyers on retainer

Carrying Out the Franchise Plan

The last phase of Accurate Franchising Inc.’s franchise plan is the execution. This phase ensures that the preparation and plans created in phase two are followed through. The company helps business owners develop their marketing, sales, tools, and resources (such as training curriculum and operations manuals)