Celebrating the Punjab’s traditional festival of harvesting with a gastronomical expedition of Amritsar; Simply Barbeque, Pune invites the food lovers to experience the enthusiastic and vibrant colors of Punjab with lip-smacking delicious food in a ‘Punjabi Food Festival’ starting from 24th Jan, 2019 in Pune.

Punjab has always been recognized as the land of cheerfulness and merrymaking, where festivals are celebrated with whole trumpet blast. From Murg Dum Biryani cooked in earthen pots to Moong Dal Halwa, explore the diversity of mouth-watering cuisine at an ongoing festival of Punjabi food. The regular buffet always gives the slight routine to the food you have. Barbeque keeps on looming up with some of the fascinating food festivals that helps food explorer to enhance the food varieties of the present diverse culture. This is the time when these food festivals light your dining experience.

USP of Punjabi food…

Food of Punjabis are very simple. It is not all about heavy things like cashew paste and cream but also the healthy and simple food cooked at home. In Punjabi cuisine, we try to retain the flavor of the basic ingredients of a dish. Amritsar has the delicious flavor of its own. While cooking lauki ki sabji(bottle gourd), we will not let onions overpower the lauki.

Spices that define Punjabi food…

Primarily garam masala, cumin and coriander are used to cook the food. Cooking butter chicken without Kasturi Methi will be incomplete. Chaat masala is one of the star spice whether be it any snack or Amritsari Macchi. It has always done a great job. The other ingredient playing a key role is Jeera (cumin). Roasted jeera when sprinkled in any Punjabi dish just does the trick.

Most common ingredients and cooking process in Punjab…

Garlic, Onions, Ginger, Tomatoes, milk and curd are the ingredients that one must have in their kitchen. When it comes to the most authentic food of Punjab, then Tandoor is the name. It is cooked in every household in chulhas to get aromatic sensation with the smoky flavor.

Our luscious Menu Card

The 11-day food festival will acquaint city foodies to the rich, cultural diversity of the state. The menu includes Tandoori Malai Parinda, Grill Honey Dalchini Pineapple, Aloo Makai Tikki, and Channa Pendi Masala with the hot sour soup Makai Shorba. The dinning also consists of Pudina Paratha, Paneer Paratha and Aloo Paratha with appetizing Dal Makhani, Shahi Paneer and Sarso Da Saag. We have lots to offer like Malai Fish Tikka and Mutton Seekh Kabab which are toothsome palatable dishes that you cannot avoid.

Inspiring from the expedition, Chefs have crafted the specially designed Mushroom Chatpatta, Chicken Chilly and much more to give ultimate gastronomic pleasure to the foodies. The menu is designed keeping in mind the healthy nutritional balance. The dishes comprises of traditional spicy food, succulently created from fresh ingredients preserving the wholesome goodness of the food.

With an array of finger-licking traditional desserts like Chocolate Balls, Pineapple slice cake at the end of extravagant meal, the experience is truly Punjabi.

Why Simply Barbeque

Simply Barbeque has given the place where one can have the delicious experience for all the food lovers of the city as they can enjoy variety of Punjabi dishes each day. The Punjabi Food Festival starting from 24th Jan 2019; would take the people on an extraordinary expedition while having the tasty flavorsome Punjabi dishes that will satisfy all the demands of the North Indian Punjabi food.