How is Moringa Oil Extracted?
There are approximately 13 species of Moringa in India and the most common is the Moringa oleifera. Moringa oil is extracted from the seeds present in the Moringa fruit. Moringa fruits have a drumstick like shape with a hard skin with a pulpy inside containing seeds. Typically they are about 2 feet long on an average. Some may be short – as short as 10 inches and some even as long as 4 feet. The length to which they grow depends on the species’ genetic composition.

Moringa Oil Manufacture
The seeds that contain the oil are inside the long structure. To extract the seed, the fruit is sun-dried until it splits along the length. The seeds fall off from the fruit shows allowed to stay in the tree without harvesting.

At home Moringa seeds are first dried and then boiled in water until the oil floats on the surface. The oil being lighter than water is then separated and stored for use. The other method (industrial) used for extracting oil is by cold pressing dried Moringa seeds. Manufacturing Moringa seed oil is a time consuming process and not many homes do it. However, Moringa seed oil can be bought off the shelf in stores in India and other countries.

Moringa for Hair Growth
The use of Moringa for growth is not really a new practice; in earlier days Moringa used to be consumed as a vegetable in the preparation of many Indian curries. This continues even today, but people nowadays prefer to buy the oil extracted from the seeds not only for convenience sake but also for faster action and quicker results.

Using Moringa oil for hair loss prevention has been around for a long time and can be found in many Ayurveda practitioners’ books. Using it is a fairly simple process; it is really as simple as applying it on the scalp and leaving it there until next wash. Moringa is not really a medicine but a commodity that can be used for daily consumption.

Moringa oil for hair loss shows the best result when used over a period of time. The great news about Moringa oil is that it does not produce any side effects and on the contrary gives users benefits that go beyond preventing hair loss. It is reputed to keep the skin healthier, more flexible, slows down ageing (prevents skin wrinkles and psoriasis as well) and generally give a glowing effect. No doubt this is the reason why many beauty products use Moringa oil in the preparation of skin enhancement treatment.

Moringa Hair Growth Results
The beneficial effects of Moringa oil have been proved time and again and goes beyond its traditional use in hair care. For this reason, Moringa is sometimes called the miracle tree, tree of life, mothers’ best friend, god’s gift to man and saviour of the poor and so on. In parts of Africa, with little access to medical services, it used in self medication for the treatment of diabetes, hypertension and even for HIV/AIDS.

Where to Buy Moringa Oil?
Moringa oil can be bought off the shelf in many leading departmental stores and groceries, and even in medical (including Ayurveda) stores along with other Moringa hair products. They don’t cost the earth and is worth the money you spend on it.

If you don’t find your favourite Moringa hair products at stores nearby, you can buy it at online marketplaces or contact a Moringa oleifera leaf powder manufacturer; they also produce oil. There are a good number of Moringa leaf powder manufacturers in Tamilnadu itself who can meet your needs for Moringa products.

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