One of the most competitive divisions of the automotive industry is auto body repair. That’s why JMC Equipment carries the best and latest body repair tools in the industry.

[Dover, 1/17/2019] – Every day, millions of cars traverse up, down, and across U.S. roads. The volume of cars on any given road makes car collisions and other vehicular accidents a common occurrence. In 2016, the year with the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 7.2 million car crashes were recorded.

Apart from injuries sustained and lives lost, vehicular accidents also take a toll on properties, especially on the vehicles involved in the crash. And, motorists who figure in a simple fender bender or a more serious car crash want their vehicles restored to their original state. This is why auto body repair is an important aspect of the automotive industry.

Auto body repair shops have an array to choose from as to which tools and equipment they’ll use. With JMC Equipment’s wide range of auto body repair tools, though, body shop owners can deliver the best body repair results to their own clients.

Quality Collision Repair Tools and Equipment

JMC Equipment, a Delaware-based automotive equipment provider, sources its products from the most reputable and trusted brands in the automotive industry. This is to ensure that the equipment they carry and deliver to customers are only of the highest standards.

Among the brands of auto body repair equipment they carry are Lisle, SK Hand Tools, Bailey, Huth, Makita, Neonetics, Star-a-Liner, Tuxedo, and Zinko. JMC Equipment carries equipment such as twirlers, heat lamps, airbag jacks, frame racks, and hydraulic frame machines.

Apart from these, the JMC Equipment staff are also knowledgeable about the brands, tools, and the equipment’s uses. What’s more, every item comes at very reasonable prices.

At JMC Equipment, customers leave satisfied, knowing that their garage or auto body shop business is stocked with top-notch equipment.

About JMC Equipment

JMC Equipment is a family-owned business based in Dover, Delaware. Founded in 2013, it is on a mission to always provide automotive tools and equipment of the finest quality at affordable prices.
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