Intelligent Motor Controller Market- Global Industry Analysis, Size, and Forecast 2018 – 2026

Intelligent motor controller (iMCC) is the next technology in motor control centers. Motor control centers (MCC) are used to carry out functions such as power switching, short-circuit protection, and overload protection, local and remote actuation, and controller state indication in an industrial or manufacturing plant.

As an extension of this Intelligent motor controller can be defined as motor control centers that integrate three major system components of network communication: communications, hardware, and software. In other words, intelligent motor controller provides an equivalent or greater functionality as compared to traditional MCCs at an economical cost, thereby maximizing the value of components in the plant.

The Intelligent motor controller market can be segmented based on voltage, where intelligent motor controller are classified by low and medium voltage. Low voltage Intelligent motor controller account for larger share of the market due to their more efficient and reliable functionality.

On the other hand, medium voltage iMCCs are generally ‘made-to-order’ and primarily used in heavy industries. Apart from voltage, intelligent motor controller can also be segmented by the type of motor. They can be classified as alternating current (AC), direct current (DC), stepper, and servo type of motors.

AC motors constitute the significant market share, due to their robust construction and low cost. They are compatible with nearly all industrial applications, ranging from oil & gas and power generation to food, mining, and the chemicals industry. Other types of motors hold minor share of the market.

In terms of end-user industry, the intelligent motor controller market can be segmented into oil & gas, power generation, water & wastewater, food, mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and others. The oil & gas segment accounts for the key share of the market led by the criticality of ensuring continuous and smooth functions.

In terms of region, the global intelligent motor controller market can be segmented into Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Currently, Europe leads the intelligent motor controller market due to the higher adoption of smart devices in the region.

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