Does your master bath have with radiant heat floors or a touchless faucet? Modern master bathrooms are personal indulgence statements! What was once only a utilitarian space, nobody thought twice about, is now transforming into a luxurious spa-like experience.

A bathroom remodel can be a challenging task. But before jumping to choosing the latest, most things out there, here are 5 things you must add to turn your master bath into a luxury space.

Double undermounted sinks
Many people prefer having their own sink. If you are a stickler for cleanliness, invest in double sinks for you and your partner in the master bath. Undermounted sinks, or sinks that have no raised rim are more convenient because they do not trap grime.

Radiant heat floors
No one wants to step onto a cold tile floor in the morning. Stepping onto a heated floor, on the other hand, is the ultimate luxury. Heated floors can be installed with an independent electronic thermostat that can be pre-set to come on just before you wake up.

Separate water closet
In European countries, most houses have a separate area dedicated to the toilet. Although this uses up more space, it does provide an additional layer of privacy. As many bathrooms don’t have a separate fixture like a bidet, washlet toilet seats have become very popular.

Touchless faucet
Thanks to new technology and increasing appreciation for practical design, the faucet is as much a part of bath décor as any other element.

A motion activated faucet is another worthwhile investment if you’re a germaphobe or do not want to touch the faucet every time you wash hands. It also saves water and prevents overflow in kids’ bathrooms in case they forget to turn the faucet off. Another thing you should get with your touchless faucet is a built-in soap dispenser.

Curb-less or Seamless shower
The old shower tub combos are outdated now. Walk-in or curb-less showers are in vogue for new bathrooms. These showers have no separation from the rest of the bathroom floor. The showers can be designed such that there is a completely seamless, curb-free transition from shower to the rest of the bathroom.

Curb-less showers have become quite popular, especially with those wanting to age in their own homes. Stepping over a tub’s apron or a shower’s curb could lead to injury.

These 5 changes and/or additions can turn your bathroom into a highly comfortable, relaxing spa-like retreat where you can get ready to face, or unwind after, a long, busy day.

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