In this fast track world, where almost everyone is involved in the development of infrastructure and technology, we are not realizing that this advancement in infrastructure and development is costing us greenery and nature. There are these new startups in many places all around the world, who offer people to hire plants. This is being followed very prominently in Australia, as there are one of the best Plant Hire in your city.

Wouldn’t you be happy if we told you that you can opt for these plant hire not only for your indoor decoration but also for your upcoming occasions and events, be it personal or professional? Yes, you are right – Foliage is a company, located in Melbourne who will help you with indoor plants and planting services.
They know that you might want plants for some external events as well. They know that some events are just a few hours, whereas some also last for a few days or even a week at a stretch. A large variety of plants are offered by Foliage with good quality.
The 5-stage process offered by Foliage – indoor plant hire
The team of Foliage has their own 5 stage process when it comes to offering indoor plant hire services. The stages are –
Free inspection: They will come to your doorstep and offer you an obligation free inspection. They will see the surroundings where you want the plants and will suggest you the best plants that you can have – outdoors and indoors
Free designs and recommendations: Once they complete the inspection, in their inspection report, they will offer you some amazing free designs of plants and how you can decorate the place. They will also come up with suggestions and recommendations for plants based on the event and occasion
Free quotation: Based on your needs and their recommendations, they will come up with a free quotation for the entire service they can offer. This will include the products and services, including installation and maintenance
Free delivery and installation: Once you agree to their quotation, products, and services they will come to your doorstep and do the installation – that too, free of cost
Maintenance services: Last but not least, the team of Foliage will come to your doorstep for maintenance that is included in your package. They usually offer fortnightly service, but you can choose to change the frequency based on your occasion and preferences
Why opt for plants in the surroundings?
Plants help create and design themes for various occasions and events like weddings, exhibitions, conferences, office events, festivals and many more. For each of these events, there is a different variety of plant which is offered to the customers.
There is a huge variety of indoor plants available, which are more prominently being used, hired and adopted for all the occasions, events, festivals, and exhibitions. Indoor plants help fight pollution inside and they also help improve the quality of air. There are a huge number of pollutants inside our houses, offices and all the indoor places. Keeping indoor plants increases the oxygen content and inhales all the carbon dioxide. These indoor plants also help in dealing with the humidity and keep the environment cool.
They also help us save money and brings a positive vibe in the ambiance. Another advantage of hiring plants is that the same plant can be reused in various other events. Whereas the decoration with flowers is just temporary and once the flowers get dull, they cannot be reused in any way, they just have to go to the bin. These Plant Hire, Melbourne agencies, like Foliage are doing great and it can be seen that people now actually seem to be opting for plant hiring rather than spending on flowers and other decoration material.
So what are you waiting for? Get going, and beautify the indoors and outdoors with this super cool option of plant hires. You just have to choose the hiring company carefully, and you are all sorted after that. They will offer you the best options within your budget.
These Plant Hire, Melbourne agencies, especially Foliage don’t just give away their plants, they also care for them and even change the plants, which begins to appear dull. This way when we hire plants for multiple occasions, festivals, exhibitions and conferences we contribute in nature. Because when we hire plants instead of just flowers, we are saving some greenery and beauty of nature, because flowers are plucked before being used, where using a plant involves not cutting or plucking. There is a huge variety of flowery plants available, which look absolutely amazing and adds up to the beauty in any event. You can choose the plant you like and just let them know.