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Darryl Guberman and Guberman-PMC recently shined the light on the actions of Joe Bhatia for hiding behind “standards” to destroy ANSI through caving in to and working with anti-American nations and forces, in an information packed new YouTube video.

New York, NY, USA, January 17, 2019 — In the eyes of Darryl Guberman (, Guberman-PMC, and that of any thoughtful pro-American companies who take quality standards seriously, putting quality certification in the hands of organizations with an anti-American agenda is unthinkable. Unfortunately, this is quite common.

Guberman recently revealed that the 100-year old quality compliance association ANSI, under the leadership of Joe Bhatia, has gone away from their proud history and have been accepting anti-American nations into their network like Iran, China, Yemen, and many others of like mind. In some cases, this even seems to break laws set by President Trump on supporting or traveling to terrorist-sponsoring, anti-American, and anti-Israel countries. Guberman has bravely called on ANSI to remove their globalist leader, Joe Bathia, and replace him with someone who puts America first and respects not just delivering top quality services, but also America, it’s veterans and greater interests. Guberman delivers both this message and supporting evidence in his new YouTube video, “#Joe Bhathia Destroyed ANSI By Turning It Into A Globalist Agenda”. (

“As the CEO of Guberman-PMC my company carries my family’s name so it is directly associated with my integrity, something no amount of money is worth compromising,” commented Guberman. “History, honor, reputation, and the truth are all vitally important. This is why I am telling people and ANSI’s members and staff the truth about Joe Bhatia. He is destroying an American success story.”

ANSI sits on the Chinese-led IAF, and is 50% owner of the equally compromised ANAB. This all points to trying to circumvent American laws at worst and totally ignoring at pro-American ethics at best, especially when Bhatia is securing contracts with companies vital to America’s defense like Lockheed Martin. One does not have to be a genius to realize how having some of these countries being able to more easily access sensitive American information is an extreme risk.

For those interested in a pro-American company to help consult them on quality standards, Guberman-PMC are leaders in the space. They offer consultation covering securing and maintaining ISO-9001;2008, 13485, AS9100, and TS16949, as well as ISO-17025 and ISO-14000 compliance and certification, among many others.

Individuals and companies concerned with quality are recommended to subscribe to the Guberman-PMC YouTube channel after watching the video.

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