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Another year has rolled in and Panacea has moved in to the New Year with a bunch of exciting new offers up its sleeve. The Delhi-based hair and skin clinic that won the award for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi has brought to the clients something new and exciting. Apart from a bashing New Year offer which is attracting clients in droves, the clinic has made a new addition in its payment system too this year. It is the EMI scheme which was previously missing from its accepted payment modes. This year, Panacea has made some changes in its existing payment plans, the biggest of which is the EMI option thus make it easier for people looking for a hair or skin solution within a tight budget.

According to the new changes, the clinic is accepting payments from its clients in installments. So far, Panacea offers two EMI options for its hair transplant clients, which is now extended to also those who come seeking services from other categories. The clinic that is wildly popular for its safe and long-lasting hair transplant in Delhi brings to the people twin EMI options both of which are meticulously designed to ease the burden of payment by a considerable measure.

The first EMI plan that works for most people is an EMI through Credit Card system. In this scheme, clients are not required to pay upfront cost at the time of booking an appointment for the procedure. The total cost of the treatment in this plan is split into 12 months. Over the period of a year, clients can pay up the entire sum at a meagre Rs. 5999 a month. The 12 months installment scheme makes it very easy for people with tight financial commitments to afford a hair transplant without stretching their paycheck. However, to qualify for this option, a client must have credit limit exceeding the total cost of the treatment on their card. Only then, will they be able to sign up for it. While the installment continues, Panacea will block the concerned amount on the client card till the dues are fully paid up.

The hair transplant doctor in Delhi offers a second scheme which has many merits for a regular client. It’s the EMI with Let’s MD scheme. Here, a client does not require to have a credit card which makes it fitting for those seeking treatment on their savings. However, since only a certain section of people merits for this scheme, they are required to make an initial deposit which can be anything between one to 3 months’ worth of installment, depending upon the cost of the treatment involved. This amount will be taken upon loan tenure, evidence for which has to be provided in the form of the following documents- pay slip, bank statement, electricity bill, PAN Card and UID. Once the loan is clearer, clients can pay the rest of the bill on a monthly installment scheme.

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