Birch plywood is too popular in Europe and Australia for its useful and long lasting features. Apart from that, its appearance is also too smart and attractive to manufacture any sophisticated types of furniture or commodities with this material. It is available in different qualities with various thicknesses.

Anything that gains fame and popularity always has some strong reason behind it. The same has happened in the matter of the birch plywood also. Wood Panels International provides this material of various qualities, which is defined with its thickness in general. The difference in the thickness is required to make various commodities, as each individual thing is endowed with some individual features and requirement of the raw material.

Wood, especially the plywood is a highly required material to prepare the furniture like bed, wardrobe etc. on the one hand. On the other hand, it is also used to prepare door, window etc. in the buildings. Therefore, the thickness or quality of the material may vary from time to time. Sometimes, that varies for the type of commodity and sometimes it varies for the pocket strength of the customers. But in all the cases, one thing is similar. That is the appearance of the product. In this matter, the birch plywood keeps the manufacturers free from the worries. The products from this material look amazing and it always enchants the customers with its glazy appearance. It is also a strong reason behind its immense popularity.

In addition to these, another reason for its immense popularity is its ultimate finishing edges of its multi-level plies. On the hand, this multiple levels of the plies add some extra glamour to its look. That is why; this European ply is being popular in Australia also. As per the different applications, various type of this product is available in Wood Panel International like- 2240 x 1220 into the size and the thickness can be any of these – 4,6, 12,15,18,24,30,40 in B/BB exterior type. In case of BB/BB exterior type, it would be different like- the size would be the same as before but the thickness would differ like 9,12,15,18,24,30. Due to its multiple conveniences, it is used for both the interior and exterior decorations.

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