Berkshire Computer Recycling ( is glad to inform that they provide IT asset recycling services. This particular offer is ideal for all business establishments that want professional help in properly disposing of their old-fashioned electronic devices.

Berkshire Computer Recycling understands that a lot of people are now replacing their old electronics with new devices that are faster and more efficient. That’s why this company offers the best IT recycling and disposal solutions that follow the protocols of WEEE disposal so such services will not have destructive effects on the environment. Hence, the companies who work with them can discard their old IT equipment as quickly and safely as possible. Some of the equipment that they accept for their IT asset recycling service include KVM units, rack cages, screens, and many more.

Berkshire Computer Recycling can also help recycle mobile data equipment such as PDA units, terminal screens, cables, and other deployed units. Also, individuals can rest assured that all data stored in the collected equipment will be completely removed. Additionally, the company will completely break down the units and recycle the plastics properly.

Interested parties can drop off their obsolete electronic devices at Berkshire Computer Recycling from Mondays to Saturdays, between 10 am to 6 pm. Alternatively, they can get in touch with the company if they want the units to be personally collected. Please keep in mind that the company requires at least 15 items to be collected, and that the charges may vary depending on the distance and location of the customer.

This company always strives to meet the needs and preferences of all their clients, so they only use the finest technology available for disposal and recycling. According to them, “Berkshire Computer Recycling is a dedicated company that aims to help many people in terms of IT recycling, disposal, IT asset recycling and many more. We, at Corporate Computer Recycling aim to provide excellent services to all our clients. We use excellent equipment and modern technology application in order to provide excellent IT Asset recycling service to all our clients. We are a dedicated company which is considered as the best on this type of industry”.

Aside from the IT asset recycling service, Berkshire Computer Recycling also provides a wide range of similar offers. For more information, visit

About Berkshire Computer Recycling

Berkshire Computer Recycling is known for providing top-notch IT recycling and disposal services. This company is accredited with an ISO 9001 Management and a certified WEEE operative and directive, so the people who work with them can ensure their safety and security. If you like to send them your written enquiries and suggestions, just fill out their online form at Alternatively, you can also email them at To speak with a company representative, call 0118 933 2976.