On early Sunday (Jan 13th) morning, Rabbit Run was organised at the Cubbon Park in Bengaluru to boost athletics among kids. The event witnessed around 1500 participant including kids and their parents. The Rabbit Run is positioned to be India’s first serious running platform for kids on a massive scale, championing the culture of running among kids.

Through the Rabbit Run platform, the key goal is to get kids excited about exercise and to change the perception that exercise was hard work. It could be the first step toward starting a running revolution in India and give kids an adrenaline rush. To ensure that the practice is inculcated in kids in the early years, the target audience for Rabbit Run were kids between the age range of 3-14 years, with kids between 9-14 who participated in the timed 5k run that is competitive. The event had both competitive as well as non-competitive runs. Out of all the participants. 260 took part in the 5K timed run.

The initiative was also about helping families bond over the joy of running. The Rabbit Run had a special event where grown-ups get to join in the fun, running along with their little ones. Rabbit Run is a collaborative platform, made possible by multiple stakeholders coming together. The venture had partnered with major sponsors including First Cry and Myntra.

Rabbit Run is a brand new venture created by Sport Focus Investments Pvt Ltd, led by running fanatic and serial entrepreneur Shriram Ramdas, along with creative partners Phantom Ideas who have brought the concept to life and own a minority stake in the brand. The platform is primed to expand to 15 locations all across India.