A Bangalore based app that gives you complete details of sightings of all species and not just Tigers, across most of the top national parks and reserves in India (soon global). WildTrails do data mining and do data analytics on these sightings data and then come up with a Sighting Index metric which probably can predict well on what are your chances of sighting a particular species (say Tiger or any given bird or any mammals or reptiles for that matter) in a given sanctuary for a given zone/gate during a given period. This greatly enhances travelers sightings probability for sure and hence the tagline – look before you book. They have now more than 2 years worth of data and across 30+ national parks and reserves and the coverage is increasing drastically too.

It is world’s first and only company to bring sighting data analytics into planning wildlife holidays and been successful in doing so.

WildTrails, Sightings Based Platform, not only acts like a ready reckoner for Sighting Index, but it also is a one-stop destination for all wildlife travel related parts – The Platform for wildlife travelers – be it connecting the jungle resorts that are attached to a given gate/zone of a given sanctuary, listing how far it is from the safari gate to also list all those service providers who book safari for a given sanctuary. Using this travelers can easily contact which resort you feel comfortable and ends up with jungle resorts booking as well as helps you to book the safaris.