Yuvraj SCS is a born global enterprise having rich experience and provide best logistics and custom clearance services across the globe. Yuvraj SCS is leading agency in logistics and freight forwarding field. We provide aviation, automotive, consumer and retail, fashion, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, hitech, energy, telecom, healthcare, education, engineering goods, project cargo and vessel chartering freight forwarding and custom clearance services from India. We have wide packages for these services.
Let me tell you what we work for and what are freight forwarding services. Freight forwarding is the key factor when comes under import and export business. The quick and accurate delivery as per customers needs with safely handed create a huge matter. In the fast moving world and worldwide business, nobody wants complexity in the business. The tending market focused on single market that why freight forwarding industry has wide scope. We work as a mediator is singly responsible for the services which are held in freight forwarding services.
We are single handedly responsible for the complete services. We assure our client with packaging, pickup, forwarding and custom clearance without any delay of services. We are capable to handle air freight, road shipping and sea cargo from one region to another. We have worldwide connection with custom clearing agent and tie up with freight forwarding agencies who always strength our business with their motivational and serving nature.
It’s not a long time when we just start it but we have achieved a lot of successes in quick time period. We have worldwide customers which is real victim of our work accuracy and comfort. We have well classified team full of agents who will guide you well in that kind of operations relates to exchange of services. We know time is the key for successful delivery of goods because it deals with needs and wants with the organizations.