Create a Disability-Friendly Home with Active Mobility’s Range of Daily Living Aids

Turn your home into a disabled-friendly space with Active Mobility’s daily living aids. The comprehensive range of support equipment can help differently-abled residents feel confident and safe when performing daily domestic tasks.

[NEW SOUTH WALES, 16/01/2018] – Active Mobility provides a comprehensive range of daily living aid products that help ensure a disability-friendly home. These daily living aids are ideal for installation in different areas of the house, ensuring that a resident with a disability can navigate and enjoy their home safely. The products are part of Active Mobility’s comprehensive catalogue of support products, which include mobility equipment like wheelchairs and lifting equipment like ceiling hoists. Active Mobility products are suitable not only for residential applications but also for healthcare and educational facilities.

Improving Accident-Prone Areas—Aids for Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Active Mobility’s catalogue of daily living equipment aims to transform different areas of the house into disability-friendly spaces. These products provide support and safety precautions for disabled residents, empowering them to perform specific domestic tasks without the need for constant supervision and physical support from other people. The daily aids aim to minimise safety hazards in areas that are otherwise prone to accidents, thereby improving the overall safety of the residence.

Active Mobility offers a comprehensive set of daily living aids for use in residential bathrooms. Their collection of shower chairs are light and rust-proof, allowing disabled residents to use the shower area without worrying about slipping or falling. The bathroom mats and rails provide increased mobility and support for persons navigating the bathroom, reducing the risks commonly associated with wet floors. They also provide bathing equipment like long-handled sponges and hair washing trays to allow for more convenient washing activities.

For the bedroom, Active Mobility provides bed risers and rails that can assist disabled residents when navigating the immediate area. Their range of bedside commodes, pans and urinals spare residents from the need to travel back and forth frequently to the closest toilet. The overbed-overchair tables are suitable for various bedside activities, such as having meals or doing leisurely tasks. Active Mobility bedroom aids allow residents to engage in daily tasks with increased convenience and accessibility.

Daily Mobility Aids for Increased Empowerment at Home

Apart from equipment for bedrooms and bathrooms, Active Mobility provides daily living aids for tasks like dining and dressing. Their food preparation aids include cups and cutlery designed for persons with reduced grip, incorporating features like adjustable and built-up plastic handles. The jar and bottle openers allow residents to perform these tasks with relative ease. Their dressing aids are suitable for residents with reduced strength, including products like long-handled brushes and leg lifters. They also have stocking aids and shoe horns.

Active Mobility also offers a range of easy reachers, pen holders, scissors and other everyday equipment. The items empower persons with disability to perform daily tasks with the necessary support and confidence.

About Active Mobility

Active Mobility supplies a comprehensive selection of mobility products that help support and empower persons with disability. They have over 20 years of expertise in addressing mobility and rehabilitation needs with their range of products that include equipment for patient lifting, daily living, patient care, therapy and other support items. They prioritise quality customer service, carefully addressing the needs of clients from initial consultation up to product maintenance. Their mission is to restore mobility to differently-abled members of the Australian community.

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