Chicago, IL; December 01, 2018 – ComplianceXL today announced that they were awarded a compliance services contract, by a global leader in consumer products. The engagement has been signed off to enhance compliance knowledge within the client organization, and enable their compliance to the CA Prop65 regulation.

The client sells a unique set of consumer products across Jewellery, Coins, Books and Exclusive Fashion Merchandise, including a wide array of collectibles. Since a significant portion of their sales is in California, they recognized the need to be compliant to the CA Prop65 regulation, which requires manufacturers to provide warnings to consumers about chemicals contained in their products, which may be linked to cancer or reproductive toxicity. After reviewing various options, the client selected ComplianceXL to support their CA Prop 65 compliance, as they were impressed with the ComplianceXL team’s expertise in Prop 65 and overall experience enabling compliance to companies around the world.

ComplianceXL will assign a Senior Consultant for this engagement, to help the client set up their CA Prop65 compliance program and truly integrate Prop65 compliance into the way they do business. A detailed Prop 65 audit will be conducted to identify the compliance gaps, identify what products contain Prop65 listed chemicals and determine warning label requirements for each of the products. ComplianceXL will also design a compliance framework to manage the legal and risk management aspects of regulatory compliance. A Prop 65 training will also be conducted for all key internal stakeholders, so they are well equipped to design internal processes that are compliant, conduct internal audits as needed, as well as engage effectively with suppliers.

“Our in-depth knowledge and experience enabling compliance for clients globally is a key strength and I’m sure can to leverage our knowledgebase to bring additional value to our new client. We have enabled compliance for over 300 companies since 2003 and we are proud that one more prestigious name has placed their trust in us, ” says CK Bharathan, Head – Compliance Solutions, ComplianceXL.

Beyond this initial engagement, ComplianceXL is expected to provide ongoing compliance support services to the client, ranging from supplier data collection and supplier engagement to advisory and training services.