Have you ever thought that people were unknown of their efforts in grinding things before the innovation mixer grinder? Yes, they didn’t know that the problem with the technique was that it was more effort taking and time-consuming and then the innovation of mixer grinder took place. This innovation made people realize that the efforts were useless and the product created ease for people to work. Comparing this situation to the business industry, Bulk SMS is such an innovation that reduced the efforts of the managers and technicians in the field of customer relationship management. Companies working with historical methods of maintaining a connection with clients were unaware of the problems hindering them to achieve growth. But, the creative concept of bulk SMS not only made them understand the problem but also to overcome problems with the best possible solutions.

Now you must be confused about how a simple concept of mass messaging can achieve growth for the company? Well, have you ever thought what if there are a large number of customers (very large) and you have to maintain a communication channel with all of them at the same time? Sounds difficult? Yes, you are right. This concept is a solution to this problem, maybe an optimal one. We are in the 21st century and it’s 2019, why not to get developed with the developing world? Why not adopt the easy solutions to the problems? Why not adopt the solutions to the problems that were actually not known? The developing trend has also created a red ocean for many industries. To make a place in the blue industry, you need to be focused on improving the brand image that will make you stay in the blue part of the red ocean.

A technique was introduced by some developers some years ago that didn’t gain attraction back then but now it is a flourishing trend in the business industry. Yes, you guessed right, it is the technique of bulk SMS. Companies, individuals, managers, and marketers are benefited from this technique to stay associated with the targeted audience (employees, customers, shareholders, investors). Maintaining communication is very hard nowadays and it is toughest when you have to do that on a large basis. The concept of mass messaging eases this problem and make communication manager send a single message to a large number of receivers in a single click. Now you must be thinking what’s new in this? A mobile phone is able to do so. But, you have never thought of the limitations to it. Mass messaging here does not mean 100 or 200 messages in a single send button but more than 1000 of messages in a single send button. The concept of bulk SMS providers was to design an application which makes the customers stay connected with thousands of people together. The application is designed in such a way that it transmits large number of messages over the network within few seconds. Isn’t that sound great? The scheduling of the messages is also a feature which is rendered by the providers to the individuals that helps to generate designed messages automatically on the desired and scheduled time. You must be thinking how this feature can help you. But, there is a problem to your CRM which you also don’t know. You utilized the mass messaging concept and generate messages to about 10000 people together but do remember that about 10% of the receivers can respond at the same time. Are you able to handle this large amount of customers at the same time? Not possible. The scheduling of the messages allows you to design the messages once and then schedule them in such a way that system automatically generate messages to targeted phone numbers. If you haven’t adopted the concept, then you should adopt it right now.