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Being an enthusiastic and activist, I explored and experienced some of the e-bikes well known for commuting in 2018! After getting a chance to list out the top 10 commuter e-bikes of the year, I started writing this article to help thousands of bikers though out the US. Electric commuting bikes have been designed for more stylishness and efficiency this year than ever. I will help figure out the top 10 options in full.

Riese & Muller Nevo Nuvinci Hs
The superbly designed Riese & Muller’s Nevo undoubtedly tops our list for commuting electric bikes. These bikes are of premium quality, custom designed and with a very reasonably affordable price. The Riese & Muller is particularly handmade in Germany, with second to none specifications. Moreover, it is well balanced and keeps riders in upright and comfortable positions. Riders also get a suspension seat post (either the Satori Elegance LT or Cane Creek Thud buster), which is an awesome understanding it’s complete hardtail and full suspension Homage line. It significantly has one of the best-geared hub systems. Thus, we strongly recommend buying this masterpiece today and enjoy your electric bike riding life.

Special Features: Easy mount frame, Hydraulic brakes, Bosch speed motor, 28mph. Price: $5000.

Haibike Xduro Trekking S 9.0
The Haibike’s e-MTBs popularity is very far-reaching, and we strongly think their electric commuting and touring bikes are just are nothing less than perfection. Even though they’re a little bit underrated by the electric bike family, they boast of processing the Bosch speed motor, making it outstandingly powerful and quick. We strongly like the specifications upgrades, notably with the Trekking speed model in 2017. They’ve got a Shimano Deore XT M8000 Shadow Plus drivetrain, Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes, and with headlights and taillights (dynamo light system).

Special Features: Hydraulic disc brakes, Dynamo light system, Bosch speed motor, 28 mph, Price: $4,000.

Rocky Mountain Commuter | RMC
Very impressive upon first sight, we love the Optibike particularly for its spec-heavy options with the powerful 500 watt Mid-drive motor. A powerful 500 watt mid drive lets you easily climb all the hills in your route. Optibike makes up for the 40Nm of Torque of the power system with its quality components such as SRAM Hubs, Shifters and Derailleur, Schwalbe Tires, Ergon Comfort Grips, Michelin Air Stop Inner Tubes, Serfas Gel Seats and Tektro Hydraulic Disk Brakes allows the biker to speed up to 25 MPH. This is a great choice for electric bike riders who wish to stay in action much longer, without being sweaty and running out of breath. This electric bike for sale is available at a significantly affordable price.

Special Features: With 170LB rider and moderate pedaling effort. Price: $3,995

Riese & Muller Delite GT Touring Hs
If you’re looking for a premium option, this might be the bike for you. We’ve got to say that we don’t think there is a more comfortable electric commuter bike than this. It’s full suspension, upright positioning, and plus sized tires keep things smooth and nice. But the real reason this beast makes the list is the dual battery. Specifications-wise, you’ll get the option to go with the Fox float suspension or the Sun tour AION suspension. The drivetrain is Shimano Deore XT which is the same with the hydraulic disc brakes. Moreover, the bike also comes with an ABUS Big Bordo folding lock that is keyed particularly for the batteries.

Special Features: Shimano Deore XT Shadow+ Drivetrain, 28mph, Bosch Performance Speed Motor. Price: $6,500

Izip E3 Dash
The classic IZIP has been making this bike for many years and counting. The 2018 model comes in a low step option! The IZIP E3 Dash is an outstandingly, low-cost choice for those looking for an introduction to e-bikes. Its TranzX motor will take you up to 28mph for about 16 to 35 miles per charge. Especially if you’re conservative with the assist. The components aren’t too scruffy either. It’s Shimano M365 hydraulic disc brakes will guarantee your safety. Thus, the Shimano Deore SGS drivetrain, and RockShox Paragon fork with 65mm of travel makes it a great entry-level choice. Considering the price factor, the IZIP E3 DASH is a wise choice.

Special Features: RockShox paragon fork, Electro drive motor, TranX Currie, 28mph. Price: $2,200

Bulls Lacuba Evo E45 S Wave Frame
Okay yeah! we keep mentioning the 28-mph option. That’s basically because 28 mph bikes are so freaking awesome. Therefore, it is worth giving a massive shout out to the BULLS LACUBA EVO E45 S WAVE FRAMEoption. If you’re not a fan, this bike does come in both a diamond and step-through frame. Comprised of a Brose motor which is definitely the quietest e-bike motors in the market. It is highly ranked in terms of power. Generally speaking, the Bosch motors are the most powerful, but with the Brose, we sincerely think you turn to get a relatively lower power, with a more realistic cycling experience. They also come with a 675-watt per hour battery pack, unrivaled in terms of a single battery system.

Special Features: Integrated lights, Easy mount frames, Brose speed motor, 28mph. Price: $3,800

Bulls Cross Mover Speed Wave Frame
It is a very similar bike, with the Bosch performance Speed motor. Why did we include if it’s so similar? This is because we think the BULLS CROSS MOVER SPEED WAVE FRAME has super built and interesting commuters. They set you up with an adjustable stem so you can literally be as upright as you wish, that’s if you’re a posture freak. The underrated aspect of this bike is the water bottle boss placement. Call us crazy, but these minor touches tip the scales on commuting bikes. It isn’t always easy to find places to put cages on e-bikes. This bike also does come in a diamond frame and step-thru, like other Brose models.

Special Features: Adjustable stem, Bosch performance speed motor, 28mph. Price: $4000

Riese & Muller Roadster Touring Hs
Guys, we absolutely love this electric bike. The reason why we strive as much as possible not to play favorites…Oh wait, this is a top ten list, so we totally can. This is one of our personal favorite commuting electric bike available for sale. In terms of its design, the attention to detail is just elegant. The extra-long mudguards ensure you’re not going to get wet going through puddles. The specifications are of course nuts. It is comprised of Shimano Deore XT Shadow+ drivetrain, Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes, Mach 1 rims, and Schwalbe G-One tires make this not only an incredible commuter, but really a solid racing bike if you want to challenge another electric biker. Its G-One tire we just love. They’re slick enough to keep you up to speed, but have a good amount of knobbiness so that you can cope with bad weather.

Special Features: Bosch performance speed motor, 28mph, Suntour NCX Suspension fork.

Izip E3 Moda
We greatly think this is a super interesting bike. We love seeing the IZIP E3 MODA stepping into the world of Brose motors. Brose bikes always look clean and refined because of the battery integration. This bike is a pretty great value for what you get. Totally integrated lights, rear rack, mudguards, and large tires are all great to have. We wish it had a dual gearwheel in front. But one can be added on a Brose motor. We picked this bike because it is one high quality and low cost 28mph electric bikes in the market. Its Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes keep you comfortable and absolutely safe. Moreover, its geometry provides a comfortable riding experience. If you’ve got a smooth road to embark on e-Bike riding, this is a great choice you should consider.

Special Features: Magura MT4 HD Brakes, 28mph, Brose Speed Motor.
Price: $3000

Haibike Sduro Cross 4.0
Hear us out on this one! We know this isn’t completely built for commuting right out the gate, but the price factor is insane. With the HAIBIKE SDURO CROSS 4.0, you get a super suspension fork with lockout, hydraulic disc brakes, 20 mph, and a bike that will let you ride for at least 60 miles for $2500. Just put a $40 frame and some lights on this puppy and you’ve got yourself a fully functional commuter. Moreover, its cross line is well built. They’re like cyclocross bikes with motors. Super comfortable all day, but very fast thanks to thing slick tires. This would also be a great ride for commuters who want to take their bike on some trails for a shortcut.

Special Features: Bangin’ price factor, 20mph, Yamaha PW System, Bangin’ price factor.
Price: $2500