Dubai, Abu Dhabi (January 14, 2019) – Mr. Khaled Al Badie, the CEO and Vice President of ABG, thanks his group for enhancing professional experience. Since 2006, when he joined the Al Badie Group for the first time, he has seen his experience growing while managing various positions at ABG. He is involved in the management, searching and establishing of companies, developing various investments and the development of industrial and trading relations on international as well as local levels.

Badie joined the group armed with experience in the financial sector, having worked for some time with the Abu Dhabi National Bank that let him take vital decisions on investment and finance.

Today, he holds a number of significant positions in ABG (Al Badie Group), which have made him stronger and more knowledgeable in different domains, such as Stocks Trading, Travel & Tourism, Paper manufacturing, Carpet manufacturing, Water and electricity services, Oil and gas services, Indirect Trading – through agents, Direct Trading, Finance and economy consultancy, Disposable Medical Aids equipments manufacturing and more.

Mr. Al Badie thanks his wonderful team for assisting him in implementing his plans with success and taking important decisions to further the growth of ABG as well as his own.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie
The VP and CEO of ABG, Mr. Khaled Mohammed Bin Juan Al Badie has been with his group since 2006. His knowledge and expertise have helped ABG go from strength to strength in the last few years.

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