San Francisco – January, 2019 – Over the past few years, the focus in fitness has shifted to strength training in various forms.

Strength building is important for the body because it –
* improves bone density
* reduces the risk of osteoporosis
* preserves lean muscle mass
* stabilizes the joints to prevent injuries
* improves resting metabolic rate
* reduces anxiety and pain, improves confidence, self-esteem, and resilience

Yoga for Strength Building

Yoga is a versatile practice. It can be practiced in ways that it makes you stronger. Certain types of yoga are in effect ‘weight training’ as you support our own body weight against gravity.

Many yoga poses involve the whole body, compared to fixed gym machines that work on isolated, specific muscles. In this way, yoga can serve as a great form of functional strength training. This meaning you build strength in the entire body so that you can perform daily activities well, and not just lift a certain amount of weight.

Tips to get stronger with yoga

To build strength through yoga, it’s best to use a mix of techniques.

* Repetition

Dynamic styles of yoga, such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa, help to strengthen the body, especially upper body and legs, with repeated Sun Salutations and Vinyasas.

As the body starts getting used to the practice, you can make the challenge more complex by adding Core Planks, different kinds of arm balances or moving dynamically through asanas. You can also include actions like jumping from Downward Facing Dog to the front of the mat, or Handstand hops, into your practice.

* Prolonging holding yoga poses

Increasing the duration for which you hold a yoga pose is an easy yet effective way of building strength rapidly without any equipment. You may try poses like:

* Plank
* Dolphin
* Downward Facing Dog
* Tree
* Warrior Poses
* Chair Pose
* Boat Pose

Is yoga alone enough?

The question of whether yoga alone is enough for strength training haunts many. To answer this, it is vital to look at your motivation and goals of building strength. Remember that yoga is a form of functional strength training so it helps to build strength for your daily life, and it can be increased depending on how you practice.

However, if you want a dramatic increase in your muscle mass, you would have to specifically train for that by adding extra weights and resistance.

* Variety

Many yoga teachers and practitioners are now recognizing the value of cross-training. From adding weights to their or workouts to using resistance bands or pull-ups against gravity, they are increasingly working on building body strength.

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