New Delhi, January 15, 2019: In order to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country, which is set on a big demographic dividend, an Entrepreneurs Meetup was organised by Knockstarter in association with Entrepreneurship Development Cell of IIT Delhi. Prominent players from the Indian Startup ecosystem partnered with the organising committee of IIT Delhi including Nair Ventures, an investment promotion, facilitation and execution agency with Incubate IND, The Startup Lab and Uppskill.

“The goal of the event was to provide the solutions to the major challenges that Entrepreneurs face on their journey of building a community of like-minded people; pitching their ideas to various stakeholders and getting real constructive feedback.” said Ashutosh Kumar, Founder,

The event attracted various industry experts as well as budding entrepreneurs, who participated in the meetup with great enthusiasm. It started with the first session by Shawrya Mehrotra-Founder of Metvy. Metvy is an app based on Hyperlocal networking. It enables its users to connect with strangers who can help in solving their problems. Launched in August 2018 in Delhi/NCR, Metvy is looking to expand PAN India.

“Metvy has developed a very intelligent self-learning algorithm which they will use to fulfil the needs of their customers” said Shawrya.

This was followed by another exciting presentation by Apoorv Shankar-Founder of Nikoin. Nikoin is a blockchain technology based service which aims to revolutionise businesses in the country and abroad. Every business involves transactions between different parties, blockchain will ensure a single ledger between these parties.

“There would be a single source of truth, hence transparency is guaranteed. It will provide an immutable transactional record. Any transaction on the chain cannot be changed. It will reduce the cost of networking and the cost of validation. Any business does not have to involve interaction between different parties.” said Apoorv

Both the speaker sessions were followed by a Q & A, where various members of the audience raised their queries against the pitch. Post that, an impromptu session was held, wherein, four volunteers from the audience had to share their entrepreneurial views on the four different issues which were presented to them on the spot.

The final session was an evaluation session where evaluators who were industry experts gave constructive feedback about the speakers in the first two sessions.

Speaking about the event, Vinay Nair, Managing Partner at Nair Ventures stated that “Startups need to solve unique and emerging problems, recognise opportunity and raise investments timely to scale and expand strategically. We as an organisation look forward to provide our full support to the participating entrepreneurs at the very fundamental level”

Nair Ventures along with Knockstarter looks forward to forge a strong network of startups, advisors, mentors, investors, enthusiasts and bring them under the same platform.