Abu Dhabi, Dubai (January 12, 2019) – Aspiring entrepreneurs should keep themselves motivated. So, they wish to read the stories of successful people in the business arena. One such example, whose profile will impress them, is the profile of Mr. Khaled Al Badie.

Even though Mr. Khaled belongs to the same Al Badie Family, he was not directly permitted into the organization to take key positions by his father. Not just due to his father’s instructions, but out of this personal interest with a view to gaining experience, Mr. Khaled, worked for many private and even a public sector organization earlier, particularly in the banking sector.

When it comes to the banking sector, he served the Abu Dhabi National Bank, where he held three different key positions. These positions surely helped him gain the practical and professional knowledge and provided him with the foundation for taking the Al Badie Group to new heights in the future.

About Mr. Khaled Al Badie:
Even, in the ABG, Mr. Khaled joined the group in the early stages of his career and held many key positions. Before he achieved the highest managerial level in the organization, he has held many positions and in fact, he rose through all the respective levels of professions.

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