Guangzhou, China (January 13, 2019) – Enssu Quiet Baby Hair Clippers are already popular among new moms in China. The clippers from this brand are gaining international popularity as well. Now, the company offers hair clippers with automatic inhaling and waterproof feature to make the clipping even easier for new moms.

Most moms with babies are concerned about keeping the hair tidy and well-organized in babies. Understanding their need for a good product to get this done without disturbing the baby in any way the brand Enssu offers many different types of hair clippers with an attractive set of features to help moms select the model that has the features that they expect.

Now, the brand with her full name as Guangzhou Enssu Baby Products Co., Ltd offers clippers with an automatic inhaling and waterproof features. As the name implies, the automatic inhaling feature will ensure that the hair debris will be inhaled by the unit, such that moms can stay assured that the hair does not fall off and spread in the room, which can be dangerous if the kid has started to crawl and walk. The reason is that babies tend to put whatever they come across into their mouth.

When there is hair around, there are chances that the crawling baby will put the hair into her mouth. To avoid such a thing from happening, the company offers the unit with automatic inhaling feature. Further, the waterproof feature in this new unit launched by the brand has IPX7 Waterproof feature. It means that moms can wash the entire body of the clipper after using it. Even, the unit comes with a child safety lock feature to ensure double protection to little ones.

This company in addition to producing clippers with different features also offers Enssu Baby Bottle Warmer. This product is also offered by the company in different models and in colors to make sure that moms can choose the one that will go well for the color that meets the other interiors in their home.

In general, small kids are easily prone to infections. To avoid this thing from happening, moms are always recommended to sterilize the milk bottle that they use for feeding the baby. The warmer offered by this brand in addition to maintaining the right temperature to preserve the milk will also double as a sterilizer.

When clipping the hair is hard for new moms, nail clipping is yet another tedious task. To make this task easier for new moms, Enssu offers Enssu Baby Nail Clipper. This product is designed to be safe for kids from 0-12 months and even above.

About Guangzhou Enssu Baby Products Company Limited:
This China-based company have six product assembly lines in their factory. The manufacturing capacity of their factory is more than 10,000 pieces of hair clippers per day.

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