Opt for the best in town with excellent function centre

An event – be it a birthday party or a wedding, they add great value to our lives as it is a memory and an event to remember for a lifetime. That is why, while planning an event, the function center plays a very important role. It is the place where you will host the entire function, and that is why a lot of us spend a maximum of our time and effort in selecting the best one in town.
If you are living in Victoria, then you are all set in for a surprise, because this amazing company called the Grovedale is in the industry. They are here to offer you some of the best experiences when it comes to function centers. From rooftop setups to kitchen bars and sports bar – they have it all. The hotel is run and operated by the famous Taylor family. They have a legacy of hospitality and thus they offer the best in class services and function venues. They are located in Victoria and South Australia. The company is in the industry since the 1970s and thus, they have grown with generations. The best part about this company is that the owners of the hotel are always available, on a floor with their other staff members to assist their guests in the best way possible.
Types of setups to expect from Grovedale
Well, well there are numerous types of setups that you can get done or do yourself at a function. Running out of ideas? Well, here are some most famous types of setups that the Grovedale company will help you to setup –
The classic theatre style setting
The name says it all right? This setting is like a typical theatrical style. The chairs are arranged in sequential order, and in proper rows and columns. This venue style is most suited for functions where there is to be a stage setup – be it for a cake cutting ceremony, or any other event, where there are some events planned up on the dais.
Round table venue setup
This is best suited for any kind of formal or informal events. If you cannot think of any kind of table and chair setup, then just go for this one. It is beneficial in many ways – you can allow your guests to interact with each other, eat together and have a good time. Also, if you have some activities planned, this type of seating will help to brainstorm and place the materials.
U shaped Venue setup
The tables and chairs are arranged in a U shape. This is mostly set up for those events that have some nice well-planned activities – more like fashion shows, ramp walks, award ceremonies. You can also have this kind of setup when you have some dance events or activities that involve audience participation for the whole day or evening.
Why should you choose Grovedale as your ultimate function center?
Well, it is not too hard to decide on these factors. To begin with – they are the best in the market. Other plus points of choosing Grovedale are as under:
Options available: If you want open space, then be if – they have bars to choose from. If you wish to have a private function is an enclosed area, they have that as well. Three restaurants and two bars to choose from, this company has options available for the perfect venue
A large number of people: Their venues can cater up to 300 people at once. So, if you are looking at a large gathering, then the venues from Grovedale are simply perfect
Food variety: They have excellent food services and lip-smacking dishes available on their menu. They have roaming canapes and platters available that will be served in the time frame that you choose to have
TVs and projectors: If you wish to use some technical stuff like TVs and projectors, then this hotel has the setup for all of this as well. You can operate them via DVD or laptop
Premium menu set: You can choose from their list of premium menus of food for your event. If you wish to make slight changes, you can contact the staff of Grovedale and they will help you with it
Availability of staff and fully equipped bars: Their bars and ambiance are always breathtaking – they have the latest fads of food and drinks. To be able to serve you all of this, the company has the best-trained staff always available on the floor
What more, you can request for wireless microphones for your event, depending on the need. They also have iPod input service available, just in case. Their motto is to serve the community with food and function centers, and they have been excelling in their job since the last 45 years.