Enhancing the experience and satisfaction level of the visitors is the sole job of a travel desk. But is it just limited to that? Certainly not. In today’s era the needs of the customers are increasing, and with that, the role of travel desks is evolving too. In a coworking space with a shared environment for work, you can establish a travel desk and save tons on your next corporate trip.

Earlier the role of desks was just to cater to the needs and queries of the visitors at the hotel. But with the advent of technology, now the scope of work has increased tremendously. Even the corporate sector is witnessing a hike in tours and trip to widen their horizons. The demand for travel in corporate has been on ever high demand. Majority of businesses are either establishing a travel desk at their office or option for corporate travel management agencies.

Let’s look at the role of Travel Desks:

Fast work: With the establishment of a travel desk it becomes extremely easy to make all the necessary arrangements. The agents are experienced in their work and well versed with the basic information, making it fast and easy to make arrangements.

Saves time and money: Agents are the master at the trick of saving money for corporate clients. They have the know-how of making the process fast and simple, which ultimately leads to saving both time and efforts. They know how to get the best, affordable yet effective corporate travel deal for their clients, especially for bulk bookings.

Overall support: With an optimum mix of human resource with the latest technology, the travel desk agents can cater to all the needs of their clients. It is not just limited to making the arrangements and bookings but goes beyond that. They provide assistance at every step involved.

Specific needs: A travel agent can easily meet the specific needs of the company. They are specialized in catering to the specific needs of the clients and satisfy them with utmost precision. They do not shy away from going the extra mile for the customer’s satisfaction.

Greater control: With having a desk at a co-working space or the small business enterprise, the corporate travellers have a larger autonomy over the decisions. The agent can promptly reply to the queries or questions and can even act upon them to make sure that the work is done time with precision. This way the chance of delays and errors are also reduced making it a very effective and efficient way to foray into corporate travel management.

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