Businesses today continue to face the challenge of dealing with legacy eLearning content. Most of it continues to be in the outdated Flash format. HTML5 is the new gold standard for content, and as a result, a conversion is necessary.

DelphianLogic is pleased to announce the release of its latest eBook titled – Converting Legacy Flash to HTML5: An Opportunity Driven By Necessity.

The eBook explores the various challenges and the decision that every content owner faces with content in Legacy content formats like Flash, and the decisions surrounding its conversion. The eBook aims to provide a content owner’s need to be prepared to invest in new tools and skills, the best practice driven process of the conversion, choosing authoring tools, as well as a step-wise process guide. Finally, it also throws light onto the various possibilities with HTML5 content.

The eBook covers:

-Factors that drive Flash to HTML5 Conversion

-The Challenges and Solutions during Decision Making

-The Process of Conversion

-Future Benefits of HTML5

Commenting on the eBook release, Suman Basu, Co-founder, DelphianLogic said, “This eBook is our way of demonstrating that the commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction lies not just in the service provided, but also in making the customers aware about the latest changes in the industry. After all, knowledge shared is knowledge gained and we shall keep striving to create more of such resources in the near future.”