Written by Anita Malhotra, Founder at glitteratibyalankriti.com

If shoes complete a man’s look, the rings complete a woman’s hand. It is all about selecting the right rings to have in your kitty. There are numerous types and styles of imitation rings available in the market today, so it is important to decorate your wardrobe with the trendiest ones. And we would help you do just that with this blog. Today, we would explore three trendy imitation ring styles that you can confidently wear on any occasion, and they not costly as well! Here they come…

1: Finger Band Rings

This is a pretty common ring style and works well with almost any attire. There is a reason why women across India prefer to wear the Finger Band Rings to their workplaces. It is sophisticated, simplistic and timeless. It can be worn every day or kept aside for a special occasion – choose what you may! This ring style is popularly worn in silver, white gold and platinum makes. While the golden rings can steal the limelight, if you are looking for a more affordable ring then the artificial ones look great as well. Artificial rings come with alloy make and are polished in silver or platinum.

2: Big Rock Rings

Year after year women have worn this style of rings with confidence. Made for regular use, the big rock ring can add a zing to your looks. Looking good on those corporate attires, you can also add a bit of character to your looks when you are not feeling so workaholic by wearing such rings. This all-season and all-purpose ring style should definitely find a place in your wardrobe!

3: Queen’s Ring

Just for the sake of generalization, we have created this broad category which holds many styles within it. Queen’s rings come in different types such as gemstone studded, polki and large traditional styles. These are perfect wears for those grand occasions and parties. It oozes in class, such that there is no room for mediocrity left. This ring style is all about dazzling texture, big stones and fine embellishments.

Having these three ring styles in your wardrobe would solve a lot of your dressing concerns. Artificial versions of these rings styles are affordable and look as good as the gem-studded ones. So, now that you know do not just walk away. Visit glitteratibyalankriti.com and choose your best match. Have a happy time shopping.