Global Drop Sealers – Market Overview

The global packaging industry has witnessed significant growth in the past few years and is anticipated to grow at a similar pace, during the forecast period. Like any other industry, automation has played a significant role in shaping the global multi-billion dollar packaging market. Drop sealers have pushed the frontier of how effectively machines can be put to use in the world of packaging. Recent advancements in robotics and industrial automation has had an impact on every industry. Drop sealers are intended to seal a variety of bags and pouches such as vacuum pouches, flat bags, and gusseted bags, etc. The sealer can be used to seal a wide range of pouches, such as a stand-up pouch, spouted pouch, and the likes. Moreover, drop sealer increases the efficiency and rate of packaging, thereby reducing human effort to a great deal. One of the key strategies for any company to survive the intense market competition is to increase production. As a result, drop sealers are in demand in the market, as packaging companies need to improve their yield and efficiency to ensure good quality of packaged products and retain their consumer base.

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Global Drop Sealers – Market Dynamics

The global drop sealers market is expected to grow as the higher number of manufacturers switching to more efficient automated solutions, increases the demand for drop sealers. Drop sealers also eliminates the need for specialty filling and sealing machines, thereby, reducing cost because of complete fill and seal packaging drop sealers available in the market. In addition, there is constant innovation by drop sealer manufacturers to produce low maintenance multitasking versions that are compatible with a wide variety of pouches and bags. Drop sealers are accurately engineered, and therefore guarantee precision while filling narrow mouth openings and sealing. From the perspective of food packaging companies, drop sealers help reduce labor cost, and despite having high installation expenses, drop sealers prove to be more cost-effective, with the minimum labor required for manual adjustments to the machine. However, with advancement in technology, it is anticipated that the need for automation will soar, resulting in a very positive outlook for the global drop sealers market.

Global Drop Sealers – Market Segmentation

The global drop sealers market can be segmented on the basis of product type, application, and end-use industry.

On the basis of product type:

Automatic & Semi-automatic

On the basis of application:

Sealing & Filling and Sealing

On the basis of the end use industry: Food & Beverages,Pharmaceutical,Chemical,Cosmetic & Personal Care,Others (Agriculture, Automotive etc.)

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Global Drop Sealers Market – Regional Outlook

North America and Western Europe leads the global drop sealers market in terms of value and volume, owing to the importance given and the need for industrial automation in these regions. The Asia Pacific market looks promising. The global drop sealers market is expected to grow majorly on the backdrop of food & beverages and pharmaceutical industries, which are currently experiencing growth. The APAC region is expected to register the highest projected growth rate, among all other regions, during the forecast period. It is expected that the key players in the global drop sealers market will focus on establishing/expanding footprint in the APAC region in the years to come. Latin America and MEA drop sealers markets are expected to represent similar opportunities for global players.

Global Drop Sealers Market – Major Players

Few of the major players identified across the globe in the drop sealers market are PAC Machinery, Inpak Systems, Inc., SIGMA Equipment, Excel Packaging Systems Inc., Eagle Packaging Machinery LLC., Sun Packaging Technologies, Inc., Industrial Packaging Corporation etc.

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