A leading IT organization Greencom Ebizz Infotech has recently launched one dazzling application named, “ShotOn Stamp on Camera: Auto Add Shot On Photos”.

This Shot By Signature Watermark App incorporates ‘Shot On’ and ‘Shot By’ stamps automatically, at whatever point the user clicks a photograph with their phone’s camera! This application allows users to add their device’s brand name and logo on the photos!

Users can copyright their photos by adding their own name to their photographs! So that they can safeguard them from any abuse! By utilizing this application users can likewise show their photography abilities by posting their name labeled photographs on social media.

Some astonishing highlights of this application are:

➺ Functionality to add custom Shot On Logo
➺ Wide range of Brand Logos are accessible
➺ Option for picking own Brand Logo
➺ Editable ‘Shot On Tag Signature’ fields
➺ Changeable Stamp Position
➺ Attractive colors to modify Text
➺ Classy Font Formats accessible
➺ ‘ShotOn Watermark’ Text Size is resizable

This watermark application, ‘ShotOn Stamp on Camera: Auto Add Shot On Photos’ offers each element which is highly trending nowadays! So now, users don’t need to install separate applications for each feature! Every user can take benefit of all the above-mentioned features at no cost, i.e., this app is absolutely FREE!

The advantages of this application can be taken by anyone who is not necessarily a photographer. The expert photographic people can add their brand logo on every picture they capture so that they can show their skills on various social media platforms! It can correspondingly be utilized by business promoters, photoholics, news correspondents, travelers, etc. Customers can customize font color, size, formats, and furthermore stamp’s position according to their requirement.

Mr. Suresh Kalathiya, CEO of Ebizz Infotech said that “Users don’t expect that organization ought to be Perfect. They do expect from organization to Solve things at whatever point they go wrong. By remembering this, my entire team is always prepared to deal with our clients’ suggestions and launch creative applications like this one.”

This application “ShotOn Stamp on Camera: Auto Add Shot On Photos” unquestionably encourages users to show their creativity by adding engaging watermark stamps to their photographs, with the additional advantage of copyrighting them.