L0S ANGELES Jan 10th…Its been ten years since Johnny Vieira and Vanessa Hudgens parted ways and the two still seem to be going at it…

It was just over 10 years ago that Talent manager and Record producer Johnny Vieira had the shiny Disney Princess VanesssaHudgensto shape and mold. He originally met and signed her when she was 16 and still unknown then used the High School Musical to catapult her into stardom. The honeymoon did not last long as the starlet’s fame grew to the point where Vieira chose to bring in a co-manager and agent. That was the beginning of the end for this pair and the rest is history as they say. Read the full article from Billboard magazine below to see just how ugly things can get when someone discovers then loses a Hollywood Movie Star and Pop Princess…

Record producer Johnny Vieira has sued his former artist Vanessa Hudgens for $5 million, claiming the actress has repeatedly violated a contract and failed to pay him his share of her earnings.

Hudgens, one of the stars of Disney’s successful “High School Musical” series, entered into an agreement with producerJohnny Vieira in 2006, the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Vieiraclaims Hudgensfailed to abide by the terms of the agreement.

Vieira is described in the lawsuit as a songwriter and music producer who was “engaged in the business of discovering and developing artists in the music industry” when he entered into an agreement with Hudgens. That agreement, Vieira states, called for him to equally share in advances, royalties and merchandising from Hudgens’ career.

That was before she landed a starring role in “High School Musical”, which Vieira secured for Vanessa, is scheduled to release its third installment later this year. She has also released a pair of solo albums.

Vieira claims an audit turned up at least 12 instances where he is owed money, and that Hudgens has refused to pay him.

An e-mail message seeking comment from Hudgens’ publicist wasn’t immediately returned.

Full Story link: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/1044470/producer-sues-vanessa-hudgens-for-5-million

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