You-Cas is a Bournemouth-based care and support agency that can provide assistance to people who are housebound. They could be housebound as a result of simply getting older, but it might also be that people become housebound as the result of illness or accident. Indeed, you could be confined to a wheelchair, and unable to get out, in your twenties if you have been unfortunate enough to suffer, say, a car accident, so home care is not only for the elderly.

The team at You-Cas is dedicated to providing people personal care, no matter what the reason for their problems. Everybody’s needs are different, so You-Cas looks at each individual person and makes an assessment of their needs so that a suitable plan can be drawn up. The team respects the fact that everyone will have not only their own needs from a physical point of view but will also have their own wishes as to how those needs are met, and therefore takes great care to see to it that those wishes are incorporated within the overall plan. Not only that, but needs and desires can change over time, so the plan that the You-Cas care agency will draw up – with the client’s approval – will be flexible enough to take care of any changes that may occur.

Some clients may be housebound because they have injuries or conditions which prevents them from going very far but may still be able to wash and dress themselves and carry out basic functions such as cooking meals and doing the washing and ironing. Others may not be able to do these things and could also need assistance with getting out of bed in the morning and undressing and going to bed at night. Whatever the problem, You-Cas will design a programme to help.

People who have less in the way of mobility problems may simply be lonely. As we age, relatives and friends may die before us, so we could be all alone in the world, and it might be that a client simply needs someone to drop in and chat for a half hour two or three times a week. Still others may have several different medications to take and need help with taking the right ones at the correct time.

Whatever the particular problem that a client has, the You-Cas team undertakes to take care of it while respecting the client’s individuality and right to independence.