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It will be a big year for wooden floors. As homeowners’ tastes have expanded so have flooring trends. There is a bigger variety of flooring designs in 2019. Flooring finishes like cherry and ebony create a natural and aesthetic feel. There are exciting and new trends for homeowners who want to replace old floors or install new floors.

Wood flooring in Dubai with stronger colour and grain will give the floors a rich dark tone which makes the final appearance luxurious and appealing.

Homeowners can opt for pretty patterned wooden floors. While wooden floors often are used for their practical purposes and benefits, patterned floors are used for decorative purposes. Patterned designs can usually be seen in kitchens and bathrooms.

Vintage floors are popular and likely to make a comeback in 2019. They bring back the warmth and nostalgia of years gone by. Vintage flooring style is the perfect combination of modern and contemporary and blends with any interior style.

Discover wood floors from Nordic Homeworx and their range of collections such as oak crème, oak limestone, chevron white, ash Aalborg, arctic oak, vista, Aspeland, sand oak and oak AB white.
Just two years ago, the wooden flooring colours were ultra-dark or ultra-light. These colours are still going strong in 2019 but with warmer hardwood floors and more beautiful colours than before. These elegant and rich colours will give the room an expansive feel.

Homeowners nowadays are using flooring to set the tone to their home. Some of the more popular colour trends that homeowners will want to see in 2019 are whitewash, honey, high variation and gray.

The CEO of Nordic Homeworx notes, “We do not just deliver floors but a lifestyle. We maintain the highest commitment to good quality and offer unique and different flooring options which mean our homeowners can enjoy endless possibilities”.

About Us
Nordic Homeworx was established in 2006 in Dubai. With the primary goal of bringing high quality Swedish wood flooring to the region, the Company is the exclusive distributor of Kährs. The flooring company has established its brand in the country while paying homage to Nordic heritage. Get your free consultation today by speaking to a consultant on +971 4 369 55 or emailing at to book an appointment. Visit for more information.